NJP Speech by Mike Peinovich, September 12, 2020

A short speech by National Justice Party Chairman Mike Peinovich, delivered to a nationalist gathering on September 12, 2020.


NJP Statement on Jake Gardner and the Anti-White Legal System

The National Justice Party is saddened and outraged by the death of Jake Gardner, the White Nebraska bar owner who was driven to suicide after being indicted on trumped up charges stemming from a self-defense incident with a Black Lives Matter rioter. Gardner’s tragic and enraging death demonstrates that the US legal system has been weaponized against White people. The Republican Party and conservative movement not only refuse to do anything about it, they are complicit in the anti-White assault.

Gardner and his father were attacked while trying to protect their bar during a Black Lives Matter riot in Omaha on May 30th. During the altercation, Gardner was put in a chokehold by a black rioter named James Scurlock, leaving him no choice but to shoot Scurlock to defend his own life. Gardner’s actions were morally and legally above reproach. For the full details, see this report by Eric Striker.

Jake Gardner (left) and his attacker James Scurlock (right).

The shooting was such a textbook case of self-defense that Omaha District Attorney Donald Kleine refused to file charges. Kleine later assented to an “independent review” by a special prosecutor after coming under immense pressure from the media and allowing himself to be bullied by a tiny, but vocal group of Black Lives Matter activists. According to a statement released by Kleine’s office, he agreed to the special prosecutor “in an effort and hope of restoring faith in the system.” He stated elsewhere that he expected an independent investigation to come to the same conclusion he had. He was wrong on both counts. Not only did the “independent review” reverse Kleine’s decision, but it fatally undermined the already dwindling faith of the White majority in the legal system.

Frederick Franklin, a black former US assistant attorney and the former President of a racial activist group for black lawyers, was appointed to review the case. Given his activist past, it is hardly surprising that Franklin found a way to reverse Kleine’s decision and indict Gardner.

Franklin convened a grand jury and fed them prejudicial and irrelevant information from Gardner’s social media posts, revealing that Gardner was a vocal Trump supporter and a critic of Black Lives Matter. Franklin concocted an absurd and legally spurious narrative about Gardner’s “frame of mind,” telling the grand jury that Gardner’s internet posts showed that he was not actually defending himself from being choked to death, but had in fact set up an elaborate scheme whereby he could shoot a black person and Scurlock had merely fallen victim to this devious trap. The logical implication of Franklin’s argument is that White men that criticize BLM on the internet are no longer entitled to self-defense.

On Sept. 15th, the grand jury indicted Gardner on manslaughter, felonious use of a firearm, terroristic threats and several other charges. On Sept. 20th, Gardner was found dead of an apparent suicide. The unrelenting media smears, the constant harassment and threats from violent extremists and then the sudden news that he had been indicted on bogus charges no doubt left Gardner feeling hopeless, without any advocates and without the financial resources to defend himself. The gut-wrenching realization that he was being framed up by a system that had already pronounced him guilty due to his race, and that there was no institution in America to which he could turn for help, likely proved too much for Gardner to bear.

Despite Gardner’s vocal support of President Trump, that support was not returned from the President or his party. Trump made no effort to protect Gardner, nor did he tweet or make any statement in his defense. No other nationally known GOP politician so much as mentioned the case. The conservative media, with few exceptions, shied away from reporting the story. The refusal of the conservative establishment to stand up for Gardner was not due to fears that his cause would be unpopular. Just the opposite. As the case of Kyle Rittenhouse demonstrates, people that defend themselves against BLM and antifa rioters can expect massive grassroots support from ordinary people all across America. The refusal of the GOP to defend their own supporters is because they do not answer to their voters, they answer to the same class of elite donors that control the Democratic party, the media, and that support the actions of BLM and antifa.

The fact that the local District Attorney’s initial, legally and morally correct, decision was overruled from above for racial and political reasons is an incredibly serious matter. It demonstrates that Whites cannot expect justice from the US legal system in any case involving racial or political issues. Any honest men and women that remain within the system will be sidelined. Racially motivated prosecutions of White people based on contrived charges and threadbare accusations of “racism” are now standard operating procedure. And this is all happening with Donald Trump as President and a GOP majority in the Senate.

This is why the National Justice Party was formed. At a time of ubiquitous anti-White coverage in the media, anti-White narratives in education, anti-White training in corporate offices and anti-White violence in the streets, White people in the United States lack any kind of organized defense or advocacy. Tragedies like that of Jake Gardner are the inevitable result of this intolerable situation. Building an organized political and racial advocacy movement on behalf of White people in America today is an immense struggle, but as the cases of Jake Gardner, Jillian Wuestenberg, Aaron Danielson and many others show, we no longer have a choice.


NJP Demands the Immediate Arrest of Michael Forest Reinoehl

UPDATE: This statement was released at 10pm on Thursday Sept 3, 2020. It was subsequently reported at about 11:30pm that Michael Forest Reinoehl was killed in an encounter with authorities. Such forceful action by Police was no doubt undertaken due to increasing fears of a massive public backlash over unchecked anarchist violence. The biased and politically motivated behavior of the media in selectively granting Reinoehl a platform with which to spread his message of hate and violence, while silencing, mischaracterizing and ignoring pro-White and Right-wing voices, continues to be unacceptable.

It seems that in America today there is no political or moral outrage that goes too far for the mainstream media. Thursday night on the VICE News Network, Michael Forest Reinoehl, the man who allegedly murdered Aaron Danielson in Portland on August 29th, gave an interview in which he defended his actions and brazenly lied about the incident. In the short advertisement for the interview Reinoehl claims, with no evidence, that his actions were in defense of “a friend of mine of color.”

A video of the shooting has been widely circulated online. VICE even includes a clip of the video in the advertisement for the interview with Reinoehl. There seems to be agreement by all parties that the video is authentic and Reinoehl is the shooter.

While it is difficult to see exactly what is going on in both the normal speed and the slowed down versions of the video below, it does not appear that there is another person, “of color” or otherwise, near Danielson when a man, presumably Reinoehl, approaches and shoots him. Danielson then staggers and falls to the ground. At that point a White man, reportedly a friend of Danielson, appears and tries to render aid. So where then is this mysterious “friend of color” that Reinoehl refers to?



Not only is there no sign of said “friend of color,” reports of the immediate aftermath of the shooting do not make any mention of a weapon found on Danielson’s body or anywhere in the vicinity of the incident. According to some reports, Danielson tried to defend himself by spraying pepper spray. These facts only further undermine Reinoehl’s already dubious claim of self-defense.

It is noteworthy that Reinoehl emphasizes that he was defending someone “of color,” despite no such person being evident in the video. The clear implication is that people of color have higher moral stature than Whites and are more worthy of defense. Extreme racial hatred and dehumanization of White people is one of Antifa’s calling cards. Antifa members often make anti-White statements online and target Whites and White advocates for harassment on a racial basis.

Reinoehl has previously made violent and extremist statements online. In the below Instagram post from June 16 he announces his affiliation with Antifa and calls for political violence.

Contrast the treatment of Reinoehl, who by all appearances shot a man with no provocation, with that of model citizen Kyle Rittenhouse who acted heroically in self-defense when attacked by three criminals, one of whom was a child rapist. Thumbing their noses at the massive grassroots support for Rittenhouse, the mainstream media has done nothing but condemn and slander him. Politically motivated prosecutors have wasted no time in maliciously overcharging him with 1st degree intentional murder. Reinoehl, on the other hand, has been treated with kid gloves by both cops and media. Unlike Rittenhouse, he is being allowed to walk free and given a platform to make political statements, despite the widespread and justified outrage of the public at his actions. The Portland Police have refused to say whether he is even a suspect in the shooting.

The cases of Reinoehl and Rittenhouse are polar opposites in all respects. When Rittenhouse was arrested and maliciously overcharged, the NJP warned that this sent a green light to anarchists that they have permission to physically attack White people. Reinoehl apparently received that message loud and clear. Even more outrageously, Reinoehl is so confident that he is backed by wealthy and powerful interests that he feels comfortable going on TV and bragging about his deeds. The message to White people in America could not be clearer. The system wants you dead and will not lift a finger to protect you, but if you dare to defend yourself, prepare to be slandered in the media and face criminal charges.

This situation is intolerable.

The National Justice Party demands the immediate arrest of Michael Forest Reinoehl on charges of first degree murder. Given Reinoehl’s brazen admission to the crime on national TV, the Police have no more excuses for inaction. By allowing Reinoehl to walk free, the government is effectively declaring open season on Whites and granting anarchists tacit approval to commit more racial and political violence against White people in America.


NJP Condemns the Anarchist Murder of Aaron Danielson

The National Justice Party is saddened and angered by the politically motivated killing of Trump-supporter Aaron Danielson, also known as Jay Bishop, allegedly at the hands of “antifa” rioter Michael Forest Reinoehl.

Aaron Danielson, aka Jay Bishop

The shooting happened on the 94th consecutive day of anti-White extremist rioting in Portland, a city whose streets bear more resemblance to interwar Germany than that of a functional first world country in the 21st century.

Shortly after news broke that Danielson had passed, a large crowd of anarchists gathered in the street to celebrate the killing of a “Nazi” – a term left-wing extremists and their supporters in the media use to rationalize assaulting or executing random White men in the street.

The brazenness and inhumanity of these anarchists was further put on display when they later ironically played military taps to gloat about killing a “fascist” while burning the American flag.

The moral support provided to these political lunatics by Mayor Ted Wheeler and George Soros-funded District Attorney Mike Schmidt carries as much responsibility for the anti-White attack as the alleged gunman does. Rather than promising to restore order in the streets and crackdown on violent left-wing extremists, these two held a press conference affirming their support for the “righteous” rioters and blamed Trump and his supporters for the killing.

The escalation of racially motivated violence against Whites in the name of “anti-racism” is a product of both the media granting a moral carte blanche to left-wing rioters, and the government using selective prosecution in order to terrorize nationalists and populists into submission. Often times those targeted are pro-Trump conservatives and patriots that play no active role in the pro-White movement, yet they are nonetheless targeted racially, as the language of their attackers affirms. In today’s United States, holding or expressing a “politically incorrect” opinion of any stripe means black-clad communist paramilitary organizations are entitled to intimidate, threaten, beat and kill you.

The Republican Party has played its own role in aiding left-wing extremists by abandoning and condemning groups that engage in community self-defense, like the Proud Boys or Patriot Prayer. Most conservatives are also refusing to provide a full-throated defense of Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager who practiced the textbook definition of self-defense in stopping a frenzied mob of violent criminals. Some, such as Jewish neoconservative Bill Kristol expressed open support for anarchist rioters and characterized Rittenhouse as a murderer, while Jewish Fox News correspondent Chris Wallace has condemned clear-cut self-defense as “vigilantism.”

In spite of the cold shoulder from elites, model citizen Rittenhouse’s actions have resonated strongly with ordinary Americans tired of living in fear. Media narratives seeking to demonize him and conservative betrayals are being tuned out by the public. The large and positive grassroots reaction in favor of Rittenhouse has taken “antifa” members by surprise, leaving them feeling bitter, paranoid and isolated. In the grip of this hysterical rage they have moved on from “punching Nazis” to opening gunfire on crowds of Trump supporters, as happened earlier today in Los Angeles.

While the threshold of popular tolerance for the murder and carnage has been met, elites controlling both the Democrats and Republicans appear unwilling to put a stop to this madness.

The FBI could quickly crush the anarchist groups causing the mayhem if they wanted to, but they do not. Rather than upholding law and order, the agency has in recent years played the role of a political secret police force. Most of their resources are spent harassing and manufacturing phony evidence against law-abiding and patriotic dissidents in support of the “far-right” and “white supremacist terrorist” moral panic invented by the mass media and the Anti-Defamation League. Federal law enforcement’s naked political prejudices function as air support for enemies of normal people. This perverse relationship between the media, law enforcement, politicians and the ADL is how “antifa” became emboldened enough to commit murder and then boast about it.

The National Justice Party stands for self-defense, freedom of speech and the right for citizens and communities to live in peace, free of political intimidation and terror. As the nation spirals into political and racial civil war, it is vital to keep solidarity and fortitude among all those who share these values in the face of the ongoing red-and-black terror.

– Joseph Jordan, NJP Founding Member
– Mike Peinovich, NJP Chairman


NJP Demands Justice for Kyle Rittenhouse

Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17 year old young man who shot 3 rioters in self-defense last night in Kenosha, WI has been arrested and charged with first degree intentional murder. This is unacceptable. All Americans and people of good conscience around the world must raise their voices against this outrage. The National Justice Party demands the charges against Rittenhouse be dropped and that he be released immediately.

Many videos have been posted online of the shooting incidents. All of them demonstrate that Rittenhouse acted well within his legal and moral right to self-defense. In the below video, Rittenhouse can be seen running from a violent mob of rioters as they chase him and incite each other to attack him. At one point Rittenhouse falls to the ground. It’s not clear if he trips or if a rioter has thrown an obstruction at his feet. As he falls, the mob descends upon him. Having no further ability to retreat, Rittenhouse fires, killing one man who was attacking him with a skateboard and injuring another man who was drawing a pistol. This scene was immediately preceded by a similar one a few moments before where Rittenhouse was chased and cornered by a violent rioter until he had no choice but to fire in self-defense. Notably, Rittenhouse does not indiscriminately spray gunfire into the crowd, and stops firing when the threat to his personal safety has ended.

The predictable smear campaigns against Rittenhouse have already begun. Multiple narratives are being tried, some media outlets are calling him a “White supremacist” terrorist, others a trigger happy gun nut. Some have attempted to paint him as an out of towner that came to Kenosha to start trouble. One look at a map shows that Rittenhouse’s hometown of Antioch, IL is just a short distance from Kenosha, both cities being on the border of their respective states. Unlike many of the rioters who have been bussed in from all over the country, Rittenhouse was not foreign to the area. He had come to Kenosha with a group of patriots who saw the fires and the violence unleashed by the anarchists, and wanted to defend homes and small businesses from the mobs.

A forthright defense of Rittenhouse must be made, not only on legal, but on moral and philosophical grounds. The fundamental logic of the right to self-defense is under attack. Notions of law that say that the aggressor is the guilty party and that the individual retains the absolute right to defend their own safety are dismissed as “White supremacist” relics of the past. Guilt or innocence are not determined by the facts, but by the race and political viewpoints of the individuals involved. Black and anarchist rioters are treated as “peaceful protesters” by definition. Rittenhouse is condemned for being White and having a gun, and nothing more needs to be said. You could say it was a madhouse, but in a madhouse there would be a far better chance that a White man would get a fair shake.

Do not expect that the Republican Party will be there to defend Rittenhouse, or any White person. Already GOP politicians are wavering on the issue, trying to please their wealthy donors and hoping that their voters simply don’t notice their capitulation. They would rather this issue disappear altogether so they can go back to talking about tax cuts. The last thing they want is to be put in a position where they have to advocate for the basic rights of their White constituents, however hypocritically and unconvincingly. Don’t be surprised if more than one GOP politician condemns Rittenhouse publicly in the coming days in an attempt to curry favor with the media and donor class.

The arrest of Rittenhouse sends a clear message to the rioters. You have the right to physically attack White people. If a White person resists or defends themselves, they will be arrested and charged. The Second Amendment is hollow if the concomitant right to self-defense is not upheld in a clear, predictable and just manner. Rights cannot be granted or revoked based on the race of the individual. Whites in America must understand that our rights and our very lives are under assault from a hostile elite. Black lives matter and anarchist useful idiots merely carry out their wishes when they target Whites in street attacks. Racial solidarity among Whites and political solidarity among Right wing groups is absolutely necessary in the face of this onslaught. In that spirit we call on Rittenhouse to be freed and for all decent Americans to stand with us in defense of human rights and justice.


NJP Statement On the Violence in Kenosha, Wisconsin

Kenosha, Wisconsin has been the latest scene in the anarchist and black lives matter violence that has blanketed our country over the last few months. The excuse this time? Police were responding to a domestic violence call involving a black man named Jacob Blake. Blake had a warrant issued against him in July for domestic violence and sexual assault. In the course of the encounter, Blake refused to obey orders from Police, walked away, opened his car door and appeared to reach for something. At that point he was shot.

After the shooting, violence peaked once again in Kenosha with scenes of anarchist and black lives matter protesters attacking citizens, police and businesses around the city. A car dealership was torched, a fitting statement on the state of Kenosha, once a prosperous auto-manufacturing city. Like most small cities in the rust belt Kenosha has fallen victim to the de-industrialization of America. The once thriving community has been hollowed out and is now riddled with black ghettos and anarchist squatters. In one notable incident broadcast to social media, an anarchist terrorist is seen threatening police with a long rifle before opening fire on a police armored vehicle. Surprisingly, or perhaps not so surprisingly in America today, police retreat from the scene without returning fire, engaging the suspect, or even stopping to see if anyone was hurt by the gunfire.

I am not going to re-litigate the circumstances of Jacob Blake’s shooting. That will be done endlessly on TV and computer screens over the next few days, with everyone claiming to be an expert on the law and police procedure. Leading the way in this respect was Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers who, before learning any facts in the case, had this to say on twitter:

This is typical of the political class, eager to fit the narrative on any such incident into the approved consensus view of White on black violence and the desperate need to teach Whites to be less racist. Interestingly, Evers had nothing at all to say about the anarchists wantonly shooting at police in the streets. The GOP only issued limp-wristed condemnations of Evers for “rushing to judgement” without articulating any forthright defense of the police involved, or explaining the reality of the circumstances. This is because they too will at some point be compelled to come out and publicly show deference to black lives matter and tell us how deeply, deeply moved they were by the shooting of the sainted Jacob Blake.

White Americans are frankly sick of it. We are tired of hearing lectures from political and financial elites about how racist we are, how we must have empathy and compassion for criminals, rioters and sex offenders. The only thing Whites want to hear from those in the political class is that they will restore order and put a stop to the violence and chaos. But no one, particularly not the GOP, wants to make that promise. The GOP hopes to placate their voters with outrage porn over property destruction, hypocritical paeans to individualism and racial equality, and thin promises that if you vote for them in November they will do something about it.

But they won’t. Why do they need to wait for November? Instead of showing people images of anarchist riots on twitter, why not simply stop the riots? Donald Trump is in power now. He has broad power to crack down on this sort of terroristic violence, as we can see by the zeal with which his Justice Department pursues peaceful White protesters, many of them his own supporters. If you can gin up a case against peaceful, pro-White demonstrators, surely you can do something in the face of open, organized and widespread anarchist violence.

Trump won’t do anything because he can’t and he doesn’t want to. His donors, who are largely from the same class and background and share the same social views as large Democratic donors, are on the side of black lives matter. Rather than speak up for Whites and our concerns, the President and his party focus instead on attacking the Democrats for being the “real racists.” This dishonest rhetorical device, conceived by Dinesh D’Souza to help the GOP avoid accidentally slipping up and racially advocating for Whites, was once thought to be a clever retort. It is now simply annoying and insulting to the people that actually vote for Republicans.

We don’t need to hear from another politician about how much they support black lives matter, or what a great and wonderful person the latest black criminal shot by police was. What about the great and wonderful people that manage to not get shot by cops, or get involved in domestic violence, or commit sexual assault? What about the great and wonderful people that have fallen victim to anarchist violence over the last several months? No heartfelt speeches for them. Because the political class and their donors simply are not on the side of White Americans. They welcome the violence and the unrest as just punishment for a population that they despise, and are eager to exploit each and every police encounter with blacks in order to fan the flames of anti-White hatred and provoke more such incidents.

This is why the National Justice party was formed. America needs an outlet that is willing to talk straight about the real issues and advocate for Whites unashamedly in the public space. You will never hear anyone in the political class openly side with Whites, or even talk about Whites as a legitimate group. Despite the fact that it would be wildly popular for Trump to come out and simply crush these rioters, he will not do it. We are sick of being lied to, patronized and ultimately ignored. These perspectives need to be articulated and spoken about to Whites all over this country, and no one in the GOP is willing to do it. A truly independent pro-White voice must become part of the political conversation in America or the circumstances that lead to violence, rioting and unrest will continue unabated.


National Justice Party Founding Speech August 15, 2020

The founding speech of the National Justice Party, delivered on August 15, 2020 by party Chairman Mike Peinovich.