May 16, 2021

The Right To Nickel and Dime

What does a 2021 Republican look like? Judging from their recent actions, it’s a tranny in a private jet trying to strongarm you into taking a low wage, entry level job. The impotent GOP has […]


The Martyrdom of Ashli Babbitt

No charges filed. That was the word last week from Merrick Garland’s Justice Department about the murder of Ashli Babbitt. No charges. Not first-degree murder, of which activist James Fields was convicted because he accidentally […]


The Unwritten Constitution

We’ve learned a lot from the Derek Chauvin trial. During proceedings, we heard from Dr. Martin Tobin that being overdosed three times over on fentanyl will not affect your breathing. We learned from Minnesota Police […]


White People Awake!

“White People Awake!” speech delivered by Joseph Jordan to the 4th mass meeting of the National Justice Party on April, 10, 2021. Download