NJP Statement on Jake Gardner and the Anti-White Legal System

The National Justice Party is saddened and outraged by the death of Jake Gardner, the White Nebraska bar owner who was driven to suicide after being indicted on trumped up charges stemming from a self-defense incident with a Black Lives Matter rioter. Gardner’s tragic and enraging death demonstrates that the US legal system has been weaponized against White people. The Republican Party and conservative movement not only refuse to do anything about it, they are complicit in the anti-White assault.

Gardner and his father were attacked while trying to protect their bar during a Black Lives Matter riot in Omaha on May 30th. During the altercation, Gardner was put in a chokehold by a black rioter named James Scurlock, leaving him no choice but to shoot Scurlock to defend his own life. Gardner’s actions were morally and legally above reproach. For the full details, see this report by Eric Striker.

Jake Gardner (left) and his attacker James Scurlock (right).

The shooting was such a textbook case of self-defense that Omaha District Attorney Donald Kleine refused to file charges. Kleine later assented to an “independent review” by a special prosecutor after coming under immense pressure from the media and allowing himself to be bullied by a tiny, but vocal group of Black Lives Matter activists. According to a statement released by Kleine’s office, he agreed to the special prosecutor “in an effort and hope of restoring faith in the system.” He stated elsewhere that he expected an independent investigation to come to the same conclusion he had. He was wrong on both counts. Not only did the “independent review” reverse Kleine’s decision, but it fatally undermined the already dwindling faith of the White majority in the legal system.

Frederick Franklin, a black former US assistant attorney and the former President of a racial activist group for black lawyers, was appointed to review the case. Given his activist past, it is hardly surprising that Franklin found a way to reverse Kleine’s decision and indict Gardner.

Franklin convened a grand jury and fed them prejudicial and irrelevant information from Gardner’s social media posts, revealing that Gardner was a vocal Trump supporter and a critic of Black Lives Matter. Franklin concocted an absurd and legally spurious narrative about Gardner’s “frame of mind,” telling the grand jury that Gardner’s internet posts showed that he was not actually defending himself from being choked to death, but had in fact set up an elaborate scheme whereby he could shoot a black person and Scurlock had merely fallen victim to this devious trap. The logical implication of Franklin’s argument is that White men that criticize BLM on the internet are no longer entitled to self-defense.

On Sept. 15th, the grand jury indicted Gardner on manslaughter, felonious use of a firearm, terroristic threats and several other charges. On Sept. 20th, Gardner was found dead of an apparent suicide. The unrelenting media smears, the constant harassment and threats from violent extremists and then the sudden news that he had been indicted on bogus charges no doubt left Gardner feeling hopeless, without any advocates and without the financial resources to defend himself. The gut-wrenching realization that he was being framed up by a system that had already pronounced him guilty due to his race, and that there was no institution in America to which he could turn for help, likely proved too much for Gardner to bear.

Despite Gardner’s vocal support of President Trump, that support was not returned from the President or his party. Trump made no effort to protect Gardner, nor did he tweet or make any statement in his defense. No other nationally known GOP politician so much as mentioned the case. The conservative media, with few exceptions, shied away from reporting the story. The refusal of the conservative establishment to stand up for Gardner was not due to fears that his cause would be unpopular. Just the opposite. As the case of Kyle Rittenhouse demonstrates, people that defend themselves against BLM and antifa rioters can expect massive grassroots support from ordinary people all across America. The refusal of the GOP to defend their own supporters is because they do not answer to their voters, they answer to the same class of elite donors that control the Democratic party, the media, and that support the actions of BLM and antifa.

The fact that the local District Attorney’s initial, legally and morally correct, decision was overruled from above for racial and political reasons is an incredibly serious matter. It demonstrates that Whites cannot expect justice from the US legal system in any case involving racial or political issues. Any honest men and women that remain within the system will be sidelined. Racially motivated prosecutions of White people based on contrived charges and threadbare accusations of “racism” are now standard operating procedure. And this is all happening with Donald Trump as President and a GOP majority in the Senate.

This is why the National Justice Party was formed. At a time of ubiquitous anti-White coverage in the media, anti-White narratives in education, anti-White training in corporate offices and anti-White violence in the streets, White people in the United States lack any kind of organized defense or advocacy. Tragedies like that of Jake Gardner are the inevitable result of this intolerable situation. Building an organized political and racial advocacy movement on behalf of White people in America today is an immense struggle, but as the cases of Jake Gardner, Jillian Wuestenberg, Aaron Danielson and many others show, we no longer have a choice.