We Don’t Need Them

They’re coming for everyone.

Yesterday, Richard “Bigo” Barnett was abducted from his home in small town Arkansas by FBI agents. He is facing serious felonies.

What did Bigo do to earn himself such hysteria? He dared plop a pair of working man’s boots on Nancy Pelosi’s holy desk. “The shocking images of Mr. Barnett with his boots up on a desk in the Speaker of the House’s office on Wednesday was repulsive,” shrieked the Jewish Acting Attorney General Jeffrey A. Rosen, in feigned indignation.

Bigo, whose friends call him a kind hearted if sometimes overzealous patriot, was the first person actually loyal to the United States of America to ever enter the office of the shrill, corporate-owned hag Pelosi, who revealed her true allegiance on March 19, 2019 when she said “If this capitol crumbles to the ground, the one thing that would remain is our commitment to our aid… to Israel.” In contrast to such remarks from Madam Speaker, Bigo boasted of his patriotism in a Facebook post now being used against him by the corrupt media, exclaiming “I am a nationalist. I put my nation first.”

Richard “Bigo” Barnett, guilty of ridiculing the powerful

So far state lawmakers, independent journalists and ordinary patriots like Bigo have gotten one of the “Knocks on the Door” made famous by Alexander Solzhenitsyn. The mere possibility that one of these “representatives” might have been forced to meet face to face with their constituents is being called an act of domestic terrorism; a threat to democracy!

It doesn’t stop there. The FBI told TMZ that it was launching a dragnet to interrogate anyone with white skin and a blue collar employed at the Capitol. Specifically, they named police officers, janitors, and plumbers as potential “seditionists” who aided the protester’s entry. They didn’t mention anything about the armies of foreign interests, corporate lobbyists and NGO bottom feeders who slither through the halls of the Brothel on the Hill every day, freely and openly selling out our people, our sovereignty and our land!

The FBI’s hyper-ideological cultural-leftist crusaders are instigating a snitch campaign reminiscent of the worst totalitarian regimes of the past. They are looking to extract confessions from innocent bystanders or, if that fails, charge police officers with the crime of “Cowardice” (an actual federal law they are threatening to use) for refusing to open fire on their fellow Americans!

The real source of the blind rage of both Democrat and Republican politicians, big capitalists, Pravda journalists and various unelected bureaucrats are feeling right now is the mere suggestion that they should share power, accountability or wealth with the majority of the people they govern.

These actors all celebrated the extreme violence, mostly aimed at little people, that we saw during the Black Lives Matter race riots. They all took a knee last summer when trust-fund anarchists, street criminals and drug addicts terrorized our country uninhibited for several months straight, killing dozens and causing billions in property damage.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer kneel in honor of violent criminals

But when the rural, working class, and overwhelmingly White people they wish to cast away enter a center of power for the first time in their lives, the real terrorists oppressing us at home and disgracing us abroad squeal about it being a threat to “democracy.”

To understand why people stormed the Capitol, let’s start with how politics in this corrupt plutocracy are brokered.

This week David Humphreys demanded the Senate censure Republican Josh Hawley for symbolically challenging the election certification. Hawley explained that he objected because his constituents demanded it. Humphreys, a wealthy Missouri businessman who has donated large sums to Hawley’s campaign, believes that the opinion of one man with millions matters more than the 1.2 million citizens who voted for Hawley to represent them in the Senate.

But Humphreys, contrary to what his ego tells him, is chump change compared to the real players in our “democracy.”

The war on political expression reached a new threshold when the sitting President of the United States was banned by every big tech company from being able to communicate with citizens of the country he supposedly governs. Small alternative platforms used by censored right-wingers like Parler were, in a matter of hours, destroyed by the Google/Apple monopoly.

While Jack Dorsey is deservedly taking heat for Twitter’s actions, decisions over who is and is not allowed to express themselves on big tech platforms are really made by the Jewish-Zionist lobbying group, The Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

Weeks before the election took place, ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt took credit for obtaining promises from Facebook, Twitter and others that they would censor Donald Trump if he contested the results of the election and would ban him if he incited violence. They made good on their word.

Greenblatt doesn’t hold more power than the President because he is charming or persuasive. He holds more power because he represents one of the world’s most dominant Jewish organizations. The ADL unites and coordinates countless billionaires, politicians, lawyers, federal agents, media moguls, celebrities and most importantly, shareholders, who work together to actually govern our day to day lives.

In a flagrant violation of the ADL’s supposed 501(c)(3) status, the organization released a brazen statement calling for the overthrow of the duly elected President before his term is up. This command puts the final days of Trump’s Presidency in jeopardy, and whether he is actually removed from office prior to January 20th or not, he has effectively been stripped of power as of this moment.

As these disciples of “human rights” and “democracy” threaten to pass a “Domestic Terrorism” bill aimed at the freedom of US citizens to speak and associate in ways not approved of by the rich and powerful, it is time for all decent people to unite in solidarity and oppose the cruelty and terror they are eager to subject us to.

To understand the full extent of their hate, you only have to look at their attempts to dehumanize Ashli Babbitt, a veteran who survived two tours in Afghanistan and Iraq only to be ruthlessly killed inside the US Capitol and then smeared as a terrorist.

We can look at how the media mercilessly mocks and defames the grieving families of people who died from health conditions while attending the protest.

We can read nihilistic trash celebrating the little monster who informed on her own mother, Therese Duke, for social media kudos. Duke was the victim of a vicious assault at the hands of a drunk Black woman, yet after being “doxed,” she lost her job and is banned from Go Fund Me.

The patriots in DC were all well-intended people that meant no harm to others. The White working people of America only want somebody to hear their plight and represent them. But nobody with authority or power, no Democrat or Republican, is ever going to treat us with even the basic dignity we deserve.

But we realize we no longer need to ask. We have our pride, our honor and a willingness to sacrifice for our country, our people and the memory of our heroes.

In the end, it’s all we ever needed.