The NJP Urges Supporters to Avoid Washington DC Area

Since the protest by Trump supporters at the US Capitol on January 6th an air of hysteria and censorship has prevailed in the United States. Democrats, Republicans, the corporate media and The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) have grown increasingly shrill and frenzied in calling for severe punishment for those suspected of being present and for further attacks on freedom speech.

FBI Assistant Director Steven M. D’Antuono held a press conference on January 12th in which he said that the Bureau had so far rounded up over 170 people in an “unprecedented” dragnet operation and that thousands more American citizens can expect a Soviet-stye “knock on the door” from federal agents in coming days. D’Antuono also thanked collaborators for informing on their fellow citizens and called for more snitches to come forward and rat on their friends, neighbors and family members. Michael Sherwin, the acting US Attorney for the District of Columbia, announced that he would be pursuing charges of sedition against some protesters and that he had created a “strike force” of attorneys tasked with stacking as many serious felonies as possible on protest attendees.

Video posted online appears to show Capitol Police officers opening the doors to allow protesters in, giving them the impression they were allowed to enter the building. This is an entirely reasonable assumption given the history of militant left-wing protests in Washington DC and the constant images of police kneeling before Black Lives Matter and anarchist rioters over the summer. In 2018 a mob of left-wing activists stormed the Capitol Building to protest the Senate confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. After forcing a shutdown of the Capitol building, they moved on to occupy the Hart Senate office building and banged on the doors of the Supreme Court. Some even went to the private residence of Senator Mitch McConnell to harass him personally. Arrests were made, but all protesters were released with at most a $35 fine. On January 20th, 2017, militant anarchists rampaged through the streets of Washington DC, breaking shop windows, attacking innocent people, disrupting public transportation, starting street fires and even blowing up cars. The attacks were planned online by a group calling itself “DisruptJ20” who brazenly boasted of their intention to violently shut down the inauguration of President Trump. All charges against the “J20” rioters were dropped and no allegations of a terrorist conspiracy were made either by the FBI or by the news media, despite the significantly more organized and violent nature of the J20 riots. These incidents and many others indicate that the policy in Washington DC is to show favoritism to left-wing protesters, allow them to occupy government buildings and to make only symbolic arrests that do not result in charges. The contrast with how the January 6th protesters have been treated could not be more stark.

Pentagon officials refused at least six requests for support from the National Guard in containing the protest, leading to paranoid speculation on the part of hysterical liberals that a military coup was in progress. Anti-White leftists disagreed, preferring to racially slander the protesters by suggesting the stand-down was the result of “white privilege,” a conspiracy theory that claims–without evidence–that White people enjoy special treatment in America. Given the subsequent response of the government and media, it is far more likely that if there was a conspiracy afoot, it was a cynical ploy to give the Trump supporters “space to destroy” before initiating a massive crackdown. This is supported by evidence of FBI involvement in directing and inciting some of the demonstrators. Whether or not more evidence of a plot to entrap Trump supporters emerges, it is obvious that the government and media decided very early on January 6th to use the protest as a pretext for implementing the ADL and FBI’s long-standing goal of creating a legal definition of “domestic terrorism” under which they can single out right-leaning Americans for surveillance and arrest based on ideology or group affiliation. This goal has eluded them for years thanks to grudging recognition of the First Amendment on the part of lawmakers, but those days are now over.

On January 11th the FBI issued an ominous warning, claiming to have intelligence concerning an “armed protest” being plotted online for the 17th or the 20th of January. No credible evidence of any such a plot has been presented. The National Guard is presently deploying 20,000 troops to Washington DC, and Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy has confirmed that they will be screened for political ideology to filter out those deemed to be supportive of “domestic terrorists,” meaning sympathetic to the January 6th demonstrators or to right-wing and pro-White causes. On January 12th, National Guard troops deployed to Washington DC were authorized to use lethal force against civilians.

Given these facts, combined with the current atmosphere of political terror in the US and the fanatical zeal of the establishment to take revenge on White Americans, the NJP believes that the FBI is possibly plotting a COINTELPRO-style operation aimed at entrapping, smearing, and potentially murdering right-leaning, White Americans.

Because of this, we strongly urge all NJP supporters as well as Trump supporters, Second Amendment groups and pro-White activists to stay away from Washington DC over the weekend and on January 20th. Nothing politically positive can be achieved by walking into a trap set by federal agents or by getting shot by politically incited National Guardsmen. It can only serve to land more innocent people behind bars or in the grave, give federal agents more targets for their massive crackdown and provide more grist for the mill of the anti-White news media. Additionally, the government and media will be discredited and made to look ridiculous should January 20th end up being a non-event after the campaign of hysteria and panic they have whipped up.

The NJP remains steadfast in our solidarity with the innocent Jan 6th demonstrators and stands unequivocally opposed to the current crackdown on free-speech and political dissent in the United States. We reiterate our call to President Trump to pardon all those arrested and charged in the Justice Department’s terror dragnet and to use his own considerable fortune to provide them with any legal, medical or financial help they may require. We won’t hold our breath.

A coherent political struggle must be organized in opposition to the ruling oligarchy in the US and their lickspittle enforcers in the FBI. This struggle is not served by futile actions that give the regime in Washington exactly what it wants.