NJP Demands Hate Crime Charges for Charles Turner

Charles Turner

On March 23, 2021, a Black man named Charles Turner slashed the throat of a 12 year old White child while yelling anti-White slurs at a McDonald’s in Pittsburgh, PA. Despite the clear and obvious racial bias inherent in the crime, Turner has not yet been charged with a hate crime. The media has not followed up on the case since its initial cursory reporting of the incident. Like so many other crimes against Whites in America, this attack has simply been memory holed. The victim’s life doesn’t matter according to the anti-White secular religion of the United States.

It is easy to imagine the reaction of both the government and the media were the racial situation reversed, and a White man had viciously attacked a Black child while yelling anti-Black slurs. The system is on such an intense hunt for racial crimes from White people that they have to invent them where none actually exist, as they are doing right now to Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin. Given the lack of a similar response to this crime, we have no choice but to assume that the government and the media themselves are biased against White people.

The NJP has written the letter published below to Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto demanding that Turner be charged with a hate crime. If hate crimes are valid laws, they must apply to anyone who commits a violent act with a racial intent in mind, otherwise they are simply tools for the oppression of one race. If our request is rebuffed or ignored, we have no choice but to conclude that the government of Pittsburgh and that of Pennsylvania, and indeed the entire governing structure of the United States, are biased against White citizens and consider their lives to matter less than the lives of people of color.


Download the letter here