Yes, The CIA Is Woke, What Are We Gonna Do About It?

Screenshot of the CIA’s home page

Controversy has erupted online over the recent release of recruiting videos by the Central Intelligence Agency featuring people with various atypical lifestyles and identities. The video that generated the most comment featured a Mestizo woman proudly declaring her race, sex, gender identification and psychological disorders, before telling the audience that her identity is more than a box-checking exercise.

Other videos in the series show younger people of color presented as competent and happy, while the only videos with White subjects feature an older blind lady and a homosexual who talks about resenting his White, Southern heritage. This is not an accident. The videos are clearly influenced by concepts of “critical race theory” and “critical gender theory,” both of which fall under the aegis of “woke” in popular slang. As usual with woke material, the videos send the message to White viewers that they are being accused, scolded and deliberately excluded on account of their race.

The videos have elicited comment from both sides of the mainstream political spectrum. The has left complained that their ideas and language are being co-opted by a traditionally repressive and “racist” institution, while conservatives have bemoaned the fact that the CIA is not depicted as tougher and more masculine while pointing out that this sort of thing probably makes the Russians and Chinese laugh at America. They are no doubt correct on the last point.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) was mocked for saying that “We’ve come a long way from Jason Bourne.” As the brilliant minds on twitter were quick to point out, Jason Bourne is a fictional character. But Cruz is correct in another way that he probably didn’t intend. The Jason Bourne novels, written by popular spy thriller author Robert Ludlum, are a scathing critique of CIA mind control and assassination programs. A critique that is notably absent from contemporary liberal discourse.

Conservatives are accustomed to impotently griping that things are not going their way while refusing to actually do anything about it. This is their primary function. The videos present a more complex narrative problem for the left.

The idea that the videos are co-opting wokeness from the left doesn’t hold water. Wokeness is not a revolutionary force that threatens the status quo, nor is it popular with the vast majority of people. So why would the CIA need to co-opt it? They don’t. The fact is that the CIA is an institution of power, it recruits members from other institutions of power, and the woke ideology is driven by powerful institutions, not popular will.

Critical social justice theories are products of Ivy League Universities and other elite educational institutions. The most dogmatic and fanatical believers in these theories are teachers, students and administrators at these institutions. All these groups are disproportionately Jewish and the origins of woke ideology can be traced back to Jewish intellectuals. Right now, seven out of eight Presidents of Ivy league Universities are Jewish.

One of the main spokes on the wheel of wokeness is the “White Privilege” conspiracy theory. This conspiracy theory is the invention of the late Jewish Harvard professor Noel Ignatiev who developed the theory in the 1960s. Ignatiev’s innovation was to claim that White racism is not the product of intentional will, but is a kind of original sin that Whites can never be washed free of, making it imperative that non-Whites and White “race traitors” (his words) work together against White people. Ignatiev did not include Jews in this racial attack because he did not consider them to be White. His anti-White racial rhetoric grew more extreme over the years and eventually lead to bloodcurdling calls to abolish the entire White race. Ignatiev was never censured or reprimanded by Harvard or his other employer, the Massachusetts College of Art, for this kind of rhetoric. Upon his death in 2019 he was eulogized by the New York Times, The New Yorker Magazine and the Washington Post among other top media organizations.

It is tempting to think of Ignatiev as simply a lone raving lunatic. After all, his ideas enjoy basically zero popularity, even among non-Whites. But disdain from the people is not a criteria that disqualifies you from elite praise. Ignatiev’s concepts have mixed with other similar theories and metastasized into the complex of ideas that we call wokeness today. The woke ideology is the ideology of all American institutions and it becomes more pernicious the more elite and powerful the institution in question.

Places like Harvard are where the CIA draws its recruits. These videos are a direct appeal to the class of people that attend these Universities and who have been steeped in anti-White, pro-homosexual, anti-family and anti-nationalist ideologies that promote the abnormal, atypical, sick and damaged above the normal and healthy. This is what political leaders think. This is what corporate boards think. This is what intelligence agencies think. They are not co-opting anything. The left, and to a large extent the right, have been co-opted by them!

The people in charge of this country and its most powerful and repressive institutions hate you because of your race, and they feel complete moral justification and confidence in this outlook. Conservatives don’t have the tools intellectually or politically to tackle this issue. All they can do is whine that they want Jack Bauer back, and cope by binge watching old seasons of 24.

This issue requires a clear-eyed, uncompromising vision of what we face and collective political will to confront those that promote anti-White hate and to remove them from positions of power over us. It’s not an easy task, but given the fact that institutions such as the CIA are openly declaring their adherence to an ideology that promotes abolishing our race, there is no other choice.