The National Justice Party Condemns Israel’s Terror Campaign Against Palestinians

Israeli missiles strike apartment buildings and civilian targets in Gaza City

The National Justice Party condemns the ongoing terror campaign against the Palestinian people by the Israeli government. We further condemn all lackeys and agents of Zionism in the United States who enable this terror campaign through their traitorous subservience to a foreign power.

Israel is a rogue state and exporter of terrorism which continues to flout all principles of humanity, justice and international law. The State of Israel continues to hold and possess an illegal cache of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) far worse than anything ever possessed by Iraq under Saddam Hussein, including nuclear weapons. Israel continues to use white phosphorus as an incendiary weapon against civilians, in open violation of the Geneva Convention. The Jewish owned media in the US routinely accuses Arab governments and Iran of the very same crimes and violations carried out by the Jewish state on a regular basis.

Israel has committed numerous atrocities against the people of the United States, including the attack on the USS Liberty and the murder of American peace activist Rachel Corrie. Other operations carried out against Americans by Israel include stealing a cache of weapons-grade uranium from a lab in Pennsylvania in order to further their illegal nuclear weapons program—leaving behind an environmental catastrophe—and a false-flag attack on American and British civilians and diplomats in Egypt intended to draw the US into war. Additionally, Israel is the chief exporter of US military technology and other high tech secrets to China, and has been caught several times illegally selling US weaponry to the Chinese. The Zionist state has never been punished by the United States for this behavior due to widespread spying and election interference, employing a web of double agents to control US policy, such as the former sex-trafficker and blackmailer Jeffrey Epstein.

Israel continues to engage in large-scale ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people, using such proscribed methods of mass terror as assassination and collective punishment (demolishing the homes of families) and systematic violence and vandalism by irregular forces against Palestinian families to force them to abandon their farms and homes. The latest atrocities by the Israeli government were sparked by Zionist extremists engaging in race-riots targeting Palestinians at the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan and the illegal eviction of Palestinian families in East Jerusalem.

The international community has for decades condemned the incursions of so-called Israeli “settlements” into the occupied Palestinian territories as immoral and illegal, against numerous UN resolutions, the Geneva Convention and the accepted principles of international law. These provocations are so brazen that even the cowardly and compromised United States government has been forced to issue token objections for the sake of “optics.” These hypocritical statements are revealed as a mockery by the simple and obvious fact that it is only the huge military and financial support of the United States government that prevents Israel from being forced to abide by universally accepted standards of justice and humanity.

Why, then, does the government of the United States unconditionally support the rogue state of Israel? Only because of the enormous disproportionate power of political and financial Jewry in the United States. The careers of US politicians are made or broken by the power of AIPAC, the Israeli lobby. Jewish organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League dictate to Big Tech companies the censorship of all criticism of Jewish power, depriving American citizens of their fundamental rights. The top donors of both the Democratic and Republican parties are Zionist Jews, ensuring a virtual monopoly on pro-Israel positions in national elections. These donations are enabled by the obscene levels of wealth accumulated by Jewish Wall Street moguls, who make up 19 of the top 25 richest hedge fund managers in America. The owners and executives of nearly all the major media outlets and newspapers in the United States are Jewish Zionists, many with deep personal and family ties to the State of Israel. This is laughably claimed to be a “conspiracy theory,” even though it is simply a matter of public record.

At the same time the Biden administration plays up the totally fabricated threat of “White Domestic Terrorism,” Jews have completely infiltrated and taken over all the most powerful positions in the cabinet. Jews represent only 2% of the American population, yet the critical positions of White House Chief of Staff, Secretary of State, Secretary of Homeland Security, Secretary of the Treasury, Attorney General of the United States, the Director of the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the Chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Chair of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as well as countless other sensitive positions, including the CIA Deputy Director and the Deputy National Security Adviser for Cybersecurity, are all occupied by Zionist Jews.

This explains why the Biden administration plays up hoaxes like a supposed increase in White police brutality against Blacks, or the bogus “Asian hate crime” scare, while at the same time turning a blind eye to actual genocide against the Palestinians. “Human rights,” “social justice” and concern for “People of Color” are but slogans of the cynical Zionists used to cow and extort the working White majority of America. When it comes to the Palestinians, racial profiling, police abuse, torture, murder and ruthless ethnic cleansing are blithely accepted as a matter of course. A “one-state solution” in Palestine, whereby Arabs and Jews would live together in a multi-racial democracy with equal voting rights, is flatly rejected by the Zionists. At the same time, Jewish Zionists insist on multi-racial democracy for the United States and Europe, hoping that Whites will become a demographic minority. To this end they seek to criminalize peaceful, law-abiding White nationalist viewpoints as terrorism.

Scores of so-called “progressives” funded by Jewish donors, so anxious to jump on the BLM bandwagon or demonize all White people, hypocritically remain silent on the treatment of the Palestinians out of cowardly self-interest. While mainstream liberals remain silent, do not be fooled by the bleating and crocodile tears of far-left activists that merely insist on the humanity of Palestinians while offering no concrete criticisms or political program. These frauds reveal their true intentions by attempting to direct justified anger over the treatment of Palestinians behind the ongoing campaign of racial hate targeting White Americans. At the same time, be wary of dubious figures on the American “far right” that will emerge to dupe honest Whites into supporting Israel, playing up antagonism between Christians and Muslims, while conveniently ignoring the ongoing horrific abuses by Jewish religious zealots against Christians in Palestine.

The National Justice Party will never accept money from Jewish donors, and we will never allow so-called “right-wing” Jews into our ranks who pretend to agree with our positions for the purpose of subverting our movement in the service of Zionism. We stand in total solidarity with the Palestinian people and their heroic struggle for freedom. The neoliberal policies of the West have for years maintained a policy of “invade them all, invite them all” towards the Middle East: simultaneously using Whites of European descent as cannon fodder in wars to topple anti-Zionist governments, while using the chaos created by those interventions to create migration crises to overwhelm Western nations with non-White immigrants. The obvious purpose of this policy is to create racial chaos and strife in both the West and the Middle East, to keep the victims of world Jewry occupied fighting each other instead of recognizing their common foe.

Because the genocide of the Palestinians is only made possible due to the total Zionist stranglehold over the United States, this is an issue of vital importance to all Americans. We at the National Justice Party see no contradiction between advocating for the sovereignty of White Europeans in our countries while standing up for the national rights and sovereignty of Palestinians in their own land. We will never allow a crypto-neoconservatism masquerading as “nationalism” to pollute our crystal clear view on this issue. Following the iron precepts laid out in our Party Platform, we will continue to work and struggle for the day when not only Palestine, but also Europe and the United States of America will be free of Zionist occupation.