Fall 2021: A Return to Slavery

During the coronavirus pandemic, millions of low-wage workers experienced for the first time what it’s like to live without high precarity and constant economic anxiety. The enhanced jobless benefits and pandemic relief payments allowed many a glimpse of what life would be like if people actually had time to spend with their families, money to pay down debts, and savings in the bank in case of emergencies.

Now both major political parties agree, it’s time to put workers back in their place. They want a population of anxious wage slaves, hopelessly in debt. And as always, the Republican Party is working hand-in-glove with Democrats to make sure this happens.

Both Parties Are In On It

Consumer debt, which reached an all-time high by the end of 2018, actually went down during the pandemic. Personal debt, excluding mortgages, went down 20% over the last two years—from an average of $29,800 in 2019 to $21,325 this year. This is a direct result of the relief given during the pandemic. Of course, Americans still spend about 30% of their monthly income to paying off non-mortgage personal debt, but that isn’t enough for the politicians in our increasingly financialized economy who want to drive the people still further into interest slavery.

In June of 2019, Joe Biden famously reassured big donors at a campaign fundraiser that “No one’s standard of living will change, nothing would fundamentally change.” Since then, he has made a completely insincere show of intending to partially reverse the 2017 Trump tax cuts for those making over $400,000 a year, which is designed to be easily swatted down by so-called “moderate” Democrats such as Joe Manchin in the Senate. Meanwhile, Republicans continue to fight tooth and nail to prevent even the smallest revision of the Trump tax cuts.

Those tax cuts were the only major legislative “accomplishment” of the Trump administration, despite Republican control of both houses of Congress, the White House and the Supreme Court. That fact alone should be enough to discredit both establishment and “MAGA” wings of the Republican Party forever—yet censorship and a lack of political alternatives have left millions of White Americans clinging to the delusions being sold to them.

Rich Getting Richer, Everyone Else Doing Worse

Some shocking facts from a recent Economic Policy Institute report released last month:  in 1965, CEOs earned 21 times more than average worker in America.  In 2020, CEOs earned 351 times more than the average worker.  From 2019-2020 alone, CEO pay increased 18.9%!  Because of the rapid growth in vested stock awards and exercised stock options, a CEO last year in one of the top 350 firms in the US was paid an average of $24.2 million. Meanwhile, the federal minimum wage in America still stands at $7.25 per hour. While working class Americans got some relief during the pandemic, the world’s 2,365 billionaires got 54% richer, adding $4 trillion to their wealth!

Millions of people are being thrown off all pandemic benefits, just as job growth slowed dramatically in August. The American economy was expected to add 750,000 jobs last month, but employers added only 235,000 jobs. This is a huge drop from July, when over 1 million new jobs were added. This is coming out of a pandemic which saw unemployment climb to 14.7% in April of last year, and while there are still 5.3 million fewer workers on the payroll today than in 2020.

Republicans already pushed hard to kill the $300 pandemic unemployment boost, essentially arguing that Americans workers needed financial stress like a cattle prod to herd them back to their overworked, underpaid lives of wage slavery. Governors in 26 states already cut off these payments months ago, turning down money from the federal government which would have benefited their own unemployed, gig workers and freelancers. Now they are getting their way completely, and Democrats are letting it happen.

Americans can’t claim social security benefits until age 62, and do not qualify for full benefits until age 66, with that number set to go up for people born after 1960. This is something to consider for those being forced by Republicans to return to work in their 50s, who find themselves struggling. This is the same age group of White Americans who were reporting a much higher rate of “deaths of despair” back in 2016-2017. Such deaths have “increased significantly” during the pandemic. The drive by Republicans to force Whites with high school education in their late middle ages back to work through financial insecurity will lead directly to more Whites dying from suicide, drug overdose and alcoholism.

Wage Increases Offset by Rising Prices

It’s true that wages are going up, as employers are being forced to raise them to fill a hiring shortage. But in many cases it’s not enough to make up for years of wage stagnation, especially where employers refuse to address other issues such as unpredictable schedules, lack of health benefits and the toxic, anti-White workplace culture engendered by empowered cultural leftists. Add to all this inflation driving up the cost of living, including soaring housing costs, and you have a situation where companies are merely offering the bare minimum for their workers to squeeze by. The Consumer Price Index has risen 5.4% over the past year, outpacing compensation growth, meaning many workers actually ended up with a pay cut.

And even these mild wage increases wouldn’t be happening if not for the federal pandemic relief payments.

Retail Hell

Retail workers still make up 6.3% of the total US labor force, almost 10 million workers. Of those 60% are White and 53% are women.

During a recent visit to a mall retail outlet, I spoke with an older White woman who was supervisor at the store. According to her, the salespeople at this particular store are electronically tracked and monitored. They are expected to sell one item for every person who walks through the door, but a large percentage of people coming in the store are there to return items purchased from sales ordered online, in direct competition with sales being offered in-store. The salespeople are potentially penalized if they do not sell at least one item to every visitor, yet they are not being paid commission. The wages paid to the salespeople are $11/hour. Additionally, they are required to keep a written ledger of every item sold, despite the fact that all sales are tracked by computer.

This combination of low pay, unrealistic expectations, using franchises and online outlets to run competing sales, overcomplicated and redundant paperwork requirements, heavy handed threats from corporate, constant electronic surveillance and control, along with arbitrary and unpredictable schedules and no positive incentives for good performance, is endemic in America’s retail and hospitality sectors. The same companies, of course, spend millions on Black Lives Matter public relations campaigns and fire their workers for the slightest whisper of politically incorrect sentiments.

Work-Life Balance?

A recent commentary in Fortune Magazine titled “Want to work 9-to-5? Good luck building a career” argued that we’ve overcorrected from the hustle culture and toxic productivity of the 2010s, to the point where people have unrealistic expectations of work-life balance. The author bragged that she just fired her first direct report, because of his “…insistence on boundaries. He would come into the office at nine every morning, leave at five, and be inaccessible anytime before and after. Regardless of deadlines or passion projects, his workday was determined not by his work, but by his hours.”

The rage this piece rightly produced is an indication of just how fed up people are getting with this attitude of entitlement by those with power to every aspect over their workers’ lives:

“Work-life balance is something many of us are having trouble maintaining. It seems like people get paid less to do more all the time, full-time jobs are disappearing, and contract working is becoming the norm, demanding everyone commit to the hustle. Who does that benefit? Definitely employers over employees, and yet they still find something to gripe about…. A recent op-ed written by a manager named Gabrielle Peterson for Fortune Magazine gives us a terrifying glimpse into how employers see all the people they hire: as robots who should have an on-off switch for whenever their employers need to fire them up. And they should not expect overtime!”

Human dignity is a luxury reserved only for the rich in America these days.

Vaccine Mandates

As if work in America wasn’t precarious and dehumanizing enough, now that all pandemic relief benefits have expired, corporations have the leverage they need to implement COVID-19 vaccine mandates for their workers, thus imposing a whole new level of job insecurity on Americans. Two weeks ago, Joe Biden urged employers to require COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of employment, saying: “I’m calling on more companies in the private sector to step up with vaccine requirements… If you’re a business leader, a nonprofit leader, a state or local leader, who has been waiting for full FDA approval to require vaccinations, I call on you now to do that—require it.”

Corporations are following suit, with lawyers being quick to point out that employees who refuse vaccination will not be able to qualify for unemployment. This is especially painful for employees over 40, who are impacted more acutely by any breaks in employment and have less time to make up for it, as well facing age discrimination. Older workers are faced with the choice of being forced to undergo an invasive medical procedure against their will, or face major disruption to their ability to make their house payments or provide for their families.

It’s worth noting that vaccine skepticism for many White Americans is rooted in general distrust of a government, media and big business establishment which hates them. Not only that, but the vaccines are coming from the same Big Pharma Industrial Complex that pushed the opioid crisis that killed hundreds of thousands, and which bungled the AIDS epidemic for profit in the 80s and 90s. As Alex McNabb of Dissident Mag writes:

First the initial pandemic and entirely reasonable precautions about it were downplayed as a “-very, very low risk to the United States,” with mask-wearing actively discouraged. Full blown panic mode soon ensued with mandatory face-masking becoming the new American normal, followed by an arms race between rival pharmaceutical firms to develop novel vaccine products using mRNA technology. Once numerous vaccines were in full circulation, the CDC relaxed mask requirements for the vaxxed demographic before flip-flopping again to demand everyone batten down their face-holes. At the time of this writing, exasperated “experts” are currently talking about a “multimodal response” as new outbreaks of Covid spread through heavily vaccinated populations like wildfire. Old goalposts centered around the idea of vaccinating 70 % of the country to achieve herd immunity have gone completely out the window. In the words of John Michael Greer, “the official narrative has been veering around like a well-greased weathercock on a blustery day” which if anything is a gross understatement of the sheer contradictory chaos of the Centers for Disease Control over the last year and a half. The CDC is clearly beholden more to vested political interests and corporate influence than anything remotely approximating “science”.

Vaccine Waivers and the Common Good

It’s also worth noting that while everyone has been arguing over masks and vaccinations, hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants have been pouring across the border under Biden’s watch, bringing new waves of coronavirus infections with them. And of those who apply through the legal immigration process under the Immigration and Nationality Act, waivers from required vaccination are easily obtained by the simple filling out of a form claiming opposition to vaccinations based on “religious belief or moral conviction.” Vaccination waivers for immigrants are also easily obtained if the vaccine is not “medically appropriate,” including for “age,” “pregnancy” or “immuno-compromised condition.” American born workers who have been good employees for years are being held to a higher standard on vaccinations than immigrants newly settling in the United States! 

Democrats are cloaking their latest push for mandates in terms of the common good. A recent article on Politico supporting vaccine mandates cited the majority opinion from a 1904 Supreme Court ruling on smallpox:  “There are manifold restraints to which every person is necessarily subject for the common good. On any other basis, organized society could not exist with safety to its members. Society based on the rule that each one is a law unto himself would soon be confronted with disorder and anarchy.”

In keeping with the new, inverted mission and purpose of the ACLU since Charlottesville, the organization’s Legal Director and Director for “Freedom of Religion and Belief” issued a statement in support of vaccine mandates. “Whether it’s bodily integrity, personal autonomy, or religious freedom, they’re all rights that are recognized in the Constitution, but they’re not absolute rights,” Cole said in a recent interview. “You don’t have the right to inflict harm on third parties, and that’s what you’re doing when you refuse to take a safe and effective vaccine to a very infectious virus.”

Cole’s insistence that the vaccines are safe and effective is simply begging the question, since this is precisely what vaccine hesitant individuals dispute. The recent outbreak of COVID-19 cases in highly vaccinated Israel lends considerable doubt to the assertion that the vaccines are effective, thus depriving the state and corporate world of their argument for mandates.

If Democrats expect workers to receive an untested and apparently ineffective vaccine on behalf of “the common good,” can they justify their other policies of mass third world immigration and a refusal to crack down on out-of-control Black crime on the same basis? Should White communities be allowed to exclude Black residents from their neighborhoods because Black crime inflicts harm on third parties? Should the state deport all illegal immigrants and cut off legal immigration, because of the negative effect immigration has on wages and job security? Of course, the “common good” logic of Democrats falls apart under the slightest scrutiny, but no Republican would ever make that argument, because Republicans on principle renounce any concept of the common good.

Republican Governors such as Ron DeSantis, who publicly said vaccination is a “personal choice” and rhetorically came out against mandates, also worked to slash unemployment benefits for workers in his own state, and has done nothing to extend benefits or relief to workers who refuse to take the vaccine. The Republican Party hopes to politically capitalize on the vaccine skepticism of many of their White constituents while doing everything possible to make loss of employment due to refusal to take the vaccine even more painful for those same people.

Tyson Foods, which employs more than 1,300 drivers in one of the largest private fleets in the US, recently announced they will be requiring all workers to get vaccines. Interestingly, only union workers will be spared from this requirement. According to the Commercial Carrier Journal, a magazine for the trucking industry, “In the case of Tyson, it’s clear that drivers who refuse the vaccine and aren’t protected by union bargaining will have to look for work elsewhere.”

The Jewish Left Undermines Labor

For all the Republican bluster about “Woke Capital,” strong labor protections, which they constantly work against, are just about the only security White men have anywhere against the cultural Left at the workplace—which is why union construction sites are the most politically incorrect workplaces in America.

If the federal minimum wage had kept pace with productivity since its peak in 1968, instead of $7.25 an hour it would be nearly $26 an hour—more than $50,000 a year in annual income. Productivity is “how much income someone generates in an hour of work”—and while productivity has only gone up, wages have stagnated, meaning that compared with 1968, people are working more and harder but all the fruits of their labor are going to the top.

This fact has been commented on, written about and bemoaned by progressives for years, but few are willing to look at the correlation of this trend with what other trends have been happening since 1968. Social changes initiated by Jewish activists, intellectuals, politicians and lawyers, such as Second Wave Feminism, Civil Rights and the Hart-Cellar Immigration Act unleashed a new era of minority hiring quotas, women in the workforce, mass third world immigration, and eventually outsourcing and globalization. These are presented as great social accomplishments by liberals, but all contributed directly to the decline of labor power in America.

The road to a post-industrial “service” economy and then finally to a so-called “gig” economy of “independent contractors” with no labor rights whatsoever, was paved entirely by the cultural victories of the Jewish Left from the 1960s onward. The reactionary Right, meanwhile, instead of fighting for their people, exacerbated this crisis with calls for more privatization, libertarianism, tax cuts for the rich and worse.

Influenced by the novel “Atlas Shrugged” by Jewish Author Ayn Rand (Alisa Rosenbaum) and CIA agent William F. Buckley, the Right was convinced to abandon institutions to the Left rather than to fight for power, transfixed by the idea that institutions run by leftists would collapse under their own weight. The result has not been Atlas shrugging, but the Left shrugging at any attempts by powerless social conservatives to insert themselves into political and cultural battles.

We are now faced with an economy where rich people hold more power than at any time in the past 150 years, where the lives of workers are more economically insecure and precarious than at any time since the Great Depression, yet we have more overt Leftism in corporate America—political correctness, Black Lives Matter, transexual propaganda, forced integration and “equity,” social-justice-warrior HR departments and “White privilege” theory—than ever before.

The Left has more cultural power than any time in American history. Yet big capital is more powerful than ever before, and workers haven’t been so powerless since the Labor Wars of the early 20th century. How does one explain this?

There is only one explanation: the cultural goals of the Jewish Left were always a covert strategy for undermining the power of White American labor. The goal was to soften up and weaken the American workforce, to dissolve and atomize White communities thus making them ripe for control by the Jewish dominated financial powers that run this system. It’s no coincidence that the social upheavals of the Jewish Left attacked White America at precisely the moment in our history when labor unions were at their strongest, when the ratio of CEO-to-worker pay was at its lowest and when wages were at their highest level relative to productivity. And it’s no coincidence that these gains have been completely reversed at the same time that the cultural Left is in complete ascendance.

This intolerable situation is why the National Justice Party Platform includes the implementation of a state mandated family wage, a National Labor Organization to guarantee worker’s rights, protection for all workers from employer retaliation for political speech, and a 2% cap on Jewish participation in vital institutions to make sure that the White majority has a say in the cultural and economic direction of the country.