NJP Condemns the Travesty of Justice in the Charlottesville ‘Unite the Right’ Lawsuit

National Justice Party Statement Re: Sines v. Kessler

NJP HEADQUARTERS – Monday October 25, 2021 began the unjust lawsuit over the legally permitted 2017 ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville, VA. The greatest injustice is that the lawsuit has been allowed to proceed at all.

The National Justice Party condemns this unlawful and immoral SLAPP lawsuit, which is nothing more than an attempt by powerful Jewish interests to punish White people for daring to organize in their own interests and exercise their legally protected First Amendment right to speak freely.

A SLAPP lawsuit is defined as a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation. These damaging suits chill free speech and healthy debate by targeting those who protest or speak out on issues of public interest. SLAPPs are used to silence and harass critics of the wealthy and powerful by forcing them to spend precious time and money to defend against frivolous legal action.

“The plaintiffs in Sines v. Kessler have repeatedly and publicly stated that their singular goal is nothing more than to bankrupt the defendants and to dissuade others from organizing and speaking their minds on critical political issues,” said Mike Peinovich, Chairman of the National Justice Party.

Roberta Kaplan, the Jewish attorney that masterminded the lawsuit has publicly admitted that her intent in all cases she brings is to use the legal system to achieve political ends. Specifically in the case of Charlottesville she has repeatedly said that she wants to shut down free speech. “One of the reasons why I did this case is to deter other white supremacists, neo-Nazis and others from trying to organize anything like Charlottesville ever again. And making them understand that if they do, these will be the consequences.” Kaplan told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency in January, 2021.

Furthermore, the lynchpin of Kaplan’s lawsuit is the claim that organizers planned the rally with the purpose of committing violence. The independent Heaphy Report, which plaintiffs have desperately tried to avoid being introduced as evidence in the case, proves this accusation to be a blatant falsehood.

Anti-White activists including antifa and Black Lives Matter are on record multiple times stating that they went to Charlottesville with the express purpose of committing violence against the legally permitted rally – a permit that was upheld by a federal judge.

One antifa member that engaged in violence at the rally bragged to the anarchist website CrimeThinc that “The antifa strategically incited enough violence before noon to make the police declare it illegal to gather in Emancipation Park. Through this strategic violence they effectively made a previously legally permitted Nazi rally, illegal.”

“The fact that Judge Norman Moon hasn’t dismissed the case leaves me thunderstruck,” said Warren Balogh, NJP Secretary. “White people have a right to free speech and to organize in peaceful protests.”

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