National Justice Party Statement On The Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict

National Justice Party Celebrates the Total Victory for White Americans, Massive Blow to the Media and Government Systems

NJP HEADQUARTERS – Today the jury in the criminal trial of Kyle Rittenhouse found the young White man not guilty on all counts.

Rittenhouse was accused of killing two people and shooting another during the race riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last summer. The violent Antifa he killed and wounded that night when he was attacked included two Jews, a domestic abuser and a convicted pedophile.

“The Rittenhouse verdict is an unambiguous victory for White people. All the Jewish media figures are saying it,” said NJP Chairman Mike Peinovich. “I say, let’s take that victory.”

“This victory for Kyle Rittenhouse over the cosmopolitan elite forces that plague the nation isn’t only a victory for the young man himself, it’s a victory for justice and for all White people who take a stand,” Peinovich said.

An emotional moment for Rittenhouse after hearing the verdict.

NJP Secretary Warren Balogh said this shows that those who organize against White interests are not all-powerful.

“This is a good time to reflect on the fact that our enemies don’t control everything and they haven’t won yet. One of the reasons why the NJP exists is to make our case directly to the people, because we believe if decent, ordinary Americans can see and hear the truth, and judge for themselves, they will begin to take our side – which is to say, to take their own side,” Balogh said.

“Our enemies are evil Jewish child rapists, like the devil Kyle Rittenhouse exterminated in self-defense, so we have nothing to fear from the truth and from the honest judgment of the people,” he said. “The enemy knows this, which is why they use media lies, social media de-platforming, physical violence and intimidation, doxxing and every other dishonest, underhanded means of preventing us from being heard. Why don’t they just make their case to the people, we make our case, and let the people decide?”

“They can’t do that because they don’t trust the judgment of ordinary, decent people. As I’ve said before, for all their talk about ‘democracy,’ democracy is actually the last thing they want,” he concluded.

The day after the shooting incident in Kenosha, Wisconsin on August 25, 2020, the National Justice Party released a statement calling for justice for the innocent teenager. We are gratified that justice in this case has finally been served after a year and a half.

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