NATO and Western Media Are Dragging Ukrainian Civilians Into a Meat Grinder

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 23rd, 2022, Western media has been saturated with ridiculous and dangerous propaganda that deliberately masks the horrors of war from their audience in an effort to expand the conflict. The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, a Jewish comedian who has performed in skintight leather and high heels, is deliberately playing into these narratives and doing his best to place Ukrainian civilians in the line of fire to assist Western propaganda efforts.

In a move that would otherwise be unanimously condemned as monstrous, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense is restricting males between the ages of 18 and 60 from leaving the country, demanding they stay and fight. In hopes of creating a bloodbath for the Western media cameras, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry has distributed weapons to civilians, and televised instructions for making Molotov cocktails. The message they are sending to ordinary Ukrainians with no military training is to “neutralize the enemy.”

This effort has received nothing but glowing praise from Western state officials and media outlets. No member of NATO has condemned this policy, which will undoubtedly lead to many civilian deaths and injuries. Radio Free Europe, the Washington funded propaganda station, has broadcast footage of Ukrainian civilians making Molotov cocktails without any criticism. They neglected to inform their audience of the fact that persons carrying arms without identifying themselves as combatants are violating the Geneva convention, to which both Russia and Ukraine are signatory.

The Ukrainian government’s intentional blurring of the lines between civilians and combatants is malicious and reprehensible. United States Law designates persons who engage in armed attacks but do not identify themselves as members of a military force as “unlawful combatants.” The US government has used this designation in Afghanistan and Iraq to deny such persons the protections of the Geneva convention. If Russia were to capture Ukrainian civilians who were shooting or throwing Molotov cocktails at them, by US standards the Russians would have the right to detain and torture these individuals indefinitely. In this context, US media and state propaganda organs openly celebrating civilian combatants in Ukraine becomes even more monstrous.

The sad result of telling untrained civilians to go and attack the Russian military can be seen in the video below which has been widely circulated online. A car full of civilians approaches a Russian armored vehicle, identified by the characteristic “Z” painted on the back, and botches an attempt at tossing a Molotov cocktail at it. This situation is incredibly dangerous. Not only was the woman in the front seat possibly horribly burned, but if the Russians had decided to fire on the car they would have been justified in doing so by the standards of the United States. In Iraq or Afghanistan, a car approaching US troops with the intention of throwing an explosive would have been fired upon with no hesitation. The Ukrainian government and liberal Western media are going to get these people killed.

Western media is spreading what is, at best, misinformation about facts on the ground. Most egregious is the claim that 3,500 Russians have been killed since the start of the invasion, which has been uncritically sourced from “The Kyiv Independent.” One wonders why if defenders are racking up such staggeringly high numbers would it be necessary to arm the civilian population to defend the capital?

UK-based NGO Amnesty International is claiming that Russia is indiscriminately attacking civilian areas, but has not provided any verifiable evidence of such attacks. The Russians have accused the Ukrainian government of using human shields and said that the Russian military is letting civilians leave Kiev.

The Western media and Ukrainian government want to paint the Russian military as weak and ineffective by spreading fake casualty figures, while also inflating the strength of Ukrainian resistance through absurd comic book movie hero stories like the “Ghost of Kyiv” which has been proven to be false and based on footage from a video game. The purpose of this media campaign is to build support for war based on the pretense that members of various bourgeois Western subcultures are fiercely fighting the Russians, thereby making the prospect of entering the war more acceptable to the Western public, who has been adamantly against US/NATO entry into the war up until now. NGOs are seeding war atrocity narratives to provide NATO with a casus belli to officially put boots on the ground.

On February 26th, 2022 Jewish Secretary of State Antony Blinken authorized the Department of Defense to provide an additional $350 million in immediate military assistance to Ukraine, bringing Washington’s commitment in the last year to $1 billion. With America and other NATO states making major contributions and nonstop anti-Russian propaganda filling screens in the US and Western Europe, President Zelensky seems to be emboldened and talks with the Russians have ended with no result. Showing his real intentions, Zelensky has openly asked for emergency admittance into the European Union, a move that would make NATO entry into the war much more likely.

The Ukrainian government and the Western media are cynically using Ukrainian civilians as props in order to stoke a wider war. The National Justice Party condemns in the strongest possible terms any policy that deliberately places civilians in harms way, and opposes all efforts by the US and its NATO allies to prolong the conflict and to instigate an incredibly dangerous, and potentially much larger war.