Justice For Ethan Liming

On the night of June 2nd, 2022 17 year old high school junior Ethan Liming, was beaten to death by three black men. Before any evidence was gathered, or a suspect was in custody Akron, Ohio police chief Stephen L. Mylett claimed that this wasn’t a racially motivated attack.

Anti-White violence is so commonplace in America that its become pass√© to ask “What if the races were reversed?”. If a solitary black boy in a crowd of white adults was beaten to death in such a brutal fashion the word “lynching” would be plastered in headlines all over the world. Even though the media and police will never say it everyone knows it.

Make no mistake. This was a lynching. Ethan was singled out and targeted because of his race. The level of violence exhibited in black on white attacks in the country is only possible when hate is at the core of the act.

A source close to the paramedics who responded to the beating death of Ethan said:

“The injuries were some of the worst I’ve ever seen from someone who was beaten to death. His skull was fractured, and he was bleeding to the point where his eyes were not visible. His airway was obstructed with blood, spit, and mucus. His chest was deformed due to multiple rib fractures(flail chest). His hands, arms, and legs, had multiple cuts from falling as he tried to get away. He had defensive wounds from trying to block the blows to his head/chest/neck. It was clear he was beaten severely after he was unconscious. Ethan was pronounced dead at the scene…”

We demand, at minimum, that hate crimes charges be brought against Ethan’s killers.