Media Double Standard in Akron

On June 25, 2022 activists from the National Justice Party mobilized outside the Harold K. Stubbs Justice Center in Akron, Ohio to protest the racially-motivated killing of White high school student Ethan Liming by a gang of Black thugs. Ethan was obviously singled out because he was White and was brutally beaten to death because of his race, yet the Akron Police Chief Stephen Mylett absurdly claimed there was “no evidence the murder was a hate crime.”

The people of Akron knew that if Ethan was Black, and his killers were White, there would be hate crimes and lynching charges and the story would be national news. The media maintained absolute silence about the NJP protest, because the media is anti-White and wants to bury the story.

Five days after the NJP protest, a motley collection BLM activists gathered in the same spot to protest the shooting death of Black criminal Jayland Walker. Jayland Walker was killed by Akron police after firing his gun from a moving vehicle during a high speed car chase. The initial BLM protest was smaller than the NJP protest. Yet the media responded by giving prime time news coverage to the tiny BLM protest and featuring it in dozens of headlines.

Rarely have we seen such a clear example of the media double standard against Whites on full display. The media actively suppresses protests demanding racial justice for White victims, while inflating and astroturfing so-called “racial justice” protests for Black criminals killed while carrying out violent crimes.

In America we do not have a state-run media, we have a media-run state.

BLM is a fake “movement” created by the media. White people, awake!