Response to the Fargo Inforum’s Attempt to Smear and Bully Robert Paulsen and the NJP

C.S. Hagen, a reporter for The Inforum, a North Dakota based news website, has written an “investigative” report attempting to smear The National Justice Party and Robert Paulsen, father of Jupiter Paulsen, the 14 year old White girl that was stalked and murdered by African immigrant Arthur Kollie in Fargo last year.

On June 4th the NJP teamed up with local Fargo activist Peter Tefft to hold a march and protest demanding Justice for Jupiter and hate crime charges for Kollie, who has a history of racial violence against Whites. The Court in Fargo is currently conspiring to grant Kollie an insanity plea to cover up his racial motives and help him avoid deportation from the US.

Hagen mentions that Kollie “had a psychological evaluation” but leaves out all the relevant details of this issue. Kollie underwent a psychological evaluation last year in which he was found mentally competent to stand trial as well as highly suggestive of “malingering,” meaning he is pretending to be crazy. Despite this finding, District Judge John Irby allowed Kollie to withdraw his Alford plea and to grant him another psychological evaluation. An Alford plea is essentially a plea of no contest, not confessing to a crime but admitting that there is enough evidence for a guilty verdict. Hagen leaves out all of this context.

Hagen’s article is a transparent attempt to bully and intimidate Robert Paulsen for daring to speak up about the crime against his daughter and about racial issues affecting White people. The goal was to cajole Paulsen into publicly disavowing the NJP and pro-White activism, and to scare him into silence. Paulsen’s sympathetic personality and morally unassailable position makes it imperative for the establishment to shut him up. To his credit Mr. Paulsen held firm and did not grant them their wish.

Robert Paulsen

“They’re trying to show how whites are getting oppressed. Well, we are all oppressed… I’m not trying to start a race war, although it is coming. I have no faith in the system,” Paulsen said. “They (National Justice Party members) are the only ones who continue to press, and I am like ‘Go ahead, maybe you guys can rattle some cages.'”

Paulsen also pointed out that no one else tried to come to the aid of him or his family or showed any interest whatsoever in his daughter’s case.

“When you don’t have anybody trying to help you, you turn to whoever you can.”

While decrying “White supremacy” and attempting to attach that label to the NJP and to Paulsen, Hagen quotes extensively from Morgan Moon, a representative of the openly Jewish Supremacist Anti-Defamation League. Despite negatively characterizing the NJP, Moon nonetheless has to admit that the Paulsen case fits with the NJP’s ideology and agenda “cleanly.”

“This case in Fargo fits into that cleanly,” she said. “The incident in Fargo is not unique, but it is important to take this very seriously. Often, we see white supremacist groups co-opt these moments that fit with their ideology and use this to further recruit and radicalize the general public.”

Moon does not offer any argument as to why groups should not protest based on real world cases that are “not unique” and that match up with their ideas “cleanly.” Instead, she simply negatively characterizes the NJP’s activism as “co-opting” a tragedy and leaves the reader to pick up on the unspoken assumption, shared by Hagen and the Inforum, that White activism is inherently bad. Morgan doesn’t say this openly because to do so would actually invite an argument. Additionally, the rather obvious question of why there are so many of these “moments” that we can “co-opt” is left totally unaddressed.

Morgan Moon, Jewish Supremacist

Would Moon and her colleagues at the ADL accuse the Black Lives Matter movement of “co-opting” the death of Black criminal George Floyd from a drug overdose while in police custody? Or is the charge of “co-opting” only applied to Whites? The answer is obvious.

The idea that we are somehow “using” or ‘co-opting” this case was also echoed by Vanessa Clark, who identified herself as one of the rather pathetic group of anarchists that came to counterprotest the NJP. During the counterprotest Clark and others chanted “Anti-White! Goddamn Right!” at the NJP demonstrators and the patrons of the local Amvets.

Vanessa Clark, one of the counterprotesters outside of Amvets, said the National Justice Party was using Paulsen’s tragedy as ammunition for the “party’s white supremacist agenda.”

When are White people allowed to have a valid case? According to people like Vanessa Clark, Morgan Moon and the ADL, the answer is never.

“Her death is tragic, but that doesn’t excuse anyone for platforming white supremacists and neo-Nazis,” Clark said.

In other words, sorry about your dead daughter, now shut up.

White people are expected to only respond to violence against themselves with tears and prayers, and then allow themselves to be forgotten and memory holed. Mr. Paulsen is getting attention from the Fargo media precisely because he did not do that. This attention is not intended to actually get justice for his daughter or expose the Court machinations to excuse her killer. No, this attention is an attempt to bully and intimidate him and to invite more bullying and intimidation from local anti-White activists like Vanessa Clark.

However, despite their best efforts, Hagen and the Inforum failed in their task. They did not manage to make either Paulsen or the NJP look bad. Instead they made themselves, the ADL and Vanessa Clark look like ghouls, and they brought more attention to the Paulsen case, which was the NJP’s goal in going to Fargo in the first place. How many people will read this piece, and instead of accepting the unspoken assumptions it carries, actually ask themselves the obvious questions?

Why can’t White people advocate for themselves the way other groups do?

Why shouldn’t White people protest a specific tragic case of violence in order to bring attention to wider issues?

Why is the media bullying and trying to intimidate the father of a murdered girl simply because he is White?

Critics of Robert Paulsen also have to answer the question, what would have happened if the NJP had not gone to Fargo or if Mr. Paulsen had stayed silent, not just on his daughter’s slaying, but on the racial context of the crime?

The answer is nothing.

The case would have been memory holed like so many other cases of racial violence against Whites. Preventing that and raising these issues publicly is the primary mission of the NJP.

Hagen claims in his article that attempts to reach the NJP were unsuccessful. Neither the NJP nor any founding council members received an email or phone call from Hagen or anyone at the Inforum. We can only conclude that Hagen is lying and did not want to actually quote us in our own words for his failed hit piece.