An Update on Travis and Greg McMichael

We received an update today from a friend of the NJP who is in contact with Leigh McMichael, wife of Greg McMichael and mother to Travis, on the condition of her husband and son.


I thought I would give an update on Greg and Travis’s current condition. Greg has had episodes of shortness of breath and edema in his lower extremities since the first of May. He has been complaining frequently. The jail Doctor put him on Lasix for the edema. As a Nurse, I knew that with his cardiac condition that there was something serious going on. Finally, Greg got to visit his cardiologist and was scheduled for cardiac catherization. He has 2 areas in his artery that was 90% occluded. The physician was unable to stent these areas for Greg already has two stents and he could not get the stent through. The physician did angioplasty (a balloon in the artery that pushes the plaque against the artery wall). This was successful, for now his artery is only 50% occluded. The Physician said that he needs to be watched closely and next time will need open heart surgery. Greg is feeling much better now. This was a new experience for me. We have always been together during our “health crisis” We knew nothing of the catherization until the morning it was done. I did not know until it was over and Greg called me. For 39 years we have been inseparable, and now this.

Travis is doing well. He has lost a ton of weight, of course. He continues to call his Son everyday and write him postcards. He finds comfort in his bible and his faith right now. I am proud of how he is handling this horrible situation. I miss them both terribly and I know they miss each other. They can never have contact again, no phone calls or mail included. I am their only link to each other. That would be devastating.

We still have hope with the appeals. As time passes we realize more and more what a orchestrated mess this whole thing is. Thank you all for your support, kind words, and donations. This nightmare is easier to go through knowing that there are people who know the truth and who support us. I will write again soon. The Federal sentencing is August 8, please continue to keep us in your prayers.

Thank you,

Leigh McMichael