Justice for Ethan: NJP Returns to Akron

The National Justice Party returned to Akron, Ohio over the weekend for a second demonstration in front of the Harold K. Stubbs Justice Center to protest the latest outrage in the case of the murder of Ethan Liming.

Over 50 party activists were joined by residents of Akron in what was the largest public demonstration by the NJP to date. For over three hours, the NJP occupied the space in front of the city courthouse and police station, filling the city center with calls of “Justice for Ethan.”

Liming, a White teenager, was brutally beaten to death on June 2nd. The three adult Black suspects arrested were originally arraigned on murder and felonious assault charges and were held on $1 million bond each. Earlier this month, their charges were downgraded to involuntary manslaughter and assault, carrying a maximum sentence of 3 to 11 years, with one suspect now facing only two counts of misdemeanor assault.

Their bond was drastically lowered by Republican-appointed Judge Tamara A. “Tammy” O’Brien from $1 million bond each to $25,000, $5,000 and $0–with only 10% needed for release–meaning all suspects had to pay a combined $3,000 to walk free, prompting Chairman Peinovich to call on NJP activists and volunteers to return for a second protest in Akron.

This was the latest anti-White outrage from a city administration which seems bent on appeasing Black violence and denying justice to White victims. In 2020, during the height of the BLM riots, city administrators including the mayor and deputy police chief knelt in submission to the Black mob. Only four days after Liming’s murder, Police Chief Mylett declared it was “not a hate crime” even before any arrests were made. Just last month, officials canceled citywide Independence Day celebrations to accommodate BLM rioters who did “significant property damage” to downtown Akron.

Despite the fact that a large anarchist event was scheduled at the same time as the NJP protest just one block away, only a single middle-aged woman carrying a BLM sign could be found to counter-protest. On the other hand, NJP activists were greeted with overwhelming approval by the ordinary residents of Akron, who voiced their support with dozens of horn honks and cheers as they drove by.

Local news media were present, but as expected, the story was buried by the mainstream media, with one reporter even admitting his editor would not agree to publish it. This was a rare confirmation of the unofficial policy of mainstream media to purposefully black out coverage of NJP activism while playing up every small crowd of BLM protestors as a major story.

NJP Chairman Mike Peinovich once again invited Akron police to kneel in solidarity with White victims of Black crime, engaging one hapless officer who refused to take the knee, and claimed not to have been present during the BLM riots last month.