NJP Supporters Announcement

NJP was founded on August 15th, 2020 in the midst of a national explosion of anti-White violence, corporate censorship and government repression.

For the past two years, we have been the leading voice speaking up for the White majority against Jewish tyranny in America.

Up to now, our efforts have been made possible almost entirely by the dedication of a core of courageous volunteers, while our basic operating expenses have been met through piecemeal contributions by a small but very generous group of idealists.

Now, we need to take things to the next level. To this end, we are announcing the formation of a new body within our organization: NJP Supporters.

Supporters will be those who commit to make a regular, ongoing contribution to the organization. They will enjoy a special status within our group, as the legs on which our organization stands, and on which all our other efforts depend.

Unlike the corrupt politicians of the two major parties, we have no Jewish billionaires and hedge fund managers backing us, nor will we ever accept money from them.

We also don’t have the kind of large donor operations specialized in by “Conservatism Inc.”

But we don’t need the kind of money raised by the Democrat and Republican parties to be effective.

We are all seasoned activists used to operating on a shoestring budget and stretching every dollar to the limit.

We also understand that every dollar contributed to the NJP represents the sweat and labor of those making a personal sacrifice to keep our movement going.

Our success depends on ordinary people being willing to make small or large sacrifices to secure a future for our people.

We know this struggle will be a long, uphill battle against almost impossible odds.

But we won’t stop until our efforts are crowned by final victory. That is our pledge!

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