Two Years of the National Justice Party

In the summer of 2020, America became engulfed in months of apocalyptic race riots not seen since the “long hot summer” of 1967.

A flimsy alliance of Black criminals and communist maniacs was unleashed on the people by the socio-political power structure of the United States in what can only be described as a revolt of the elite. This explosive carnage targeted White people for their race, both literally and rhetorically, leaving dozens dead and warzone levels of infrastructure destruction in its wake.

The brutality of the Jewish-incited, identitarian left was self-evident and something we had seen before. What was unprecedented, what caught the whole country off guard, was the fecklessness of then-President Donald Trump, the Republican Party, law enforcement, and the military, all of which refused to respond to the nationwide racial pogrom with appropriate measures.

It is hard to fathom, but in this nation of 330 million, where White people who wish to go to work and care for their families in peace are the majority, not one organization or institution of any type presented resistance to this terrorism. Every authorized player, including assumed defenders of basic prerequisites for civilized life, took a knee.

It was out of this world-historical moment of confusion and savagery, one that called for men to improvise an urgent response, that the National Justice Party was formed.

The primary purpose of the NJP is to attain power. The triumph of Judeo-liberalism in 1945 led to the creation of institutions that center minoritarian interests and their excesses above and often at the expense of the democratic principle of majority rule.

Through this process, White people in America have been stripped of any meaningful political power and left without a seat in the game of multi-cultural musical chairs in the country founded and created for and by peoples of European descent. We see the trends accelerating before our very eyes: demographic displacement via mass immigration, de-industrialization through globalization, the unleashing of capital and finance, the breakdown of civil liberties, a deep recession of art and culture, and South African-style race discourse coming from the elites that leads to the still unrelenting targeting of White people for violence, discrimination, and general hatred.

The antidote to our race and nation careening towards catastrophe is to embrace collective action. Our strategy is centered on creating and nurturing parallel grassroots institutions in a competing radical counter-culture, one that brings independent media, cultural movements, intellectual work, political protest, social solidarity, and law together into a syncretic force strong enough to eventually remove and replace the illegitimate plutocracy that governs America from New York and Washington without the consent of its people.

In two short years, with unbelievably meager resources and under the stress of unprecedented political censorship and repression, NJP activists have confronted anti-white injustices across America, from Waukesha, Wisconsin to Akron, Ohio to Fargo, North Dakota, where we refused to let the victimization of innocent people be ignored just because they are White. Several mass rallies hosting hundreds of supporters have been successfully executed across the Rust Belt, as well as smaller events in other states. Our journalists have broken major stories, and the political issues we champion have penetrated the system’s force field to become common talking points.

We are only getting started!

The truths that we speak and the observations that we make are not disputed; we are only reiterating the intuitive concepts of Aristotle’s Polis and Carl Schmitt’s Volk. What our people suffer from is the arresting fear that follows anomie. It is the civilizational reluctance created through induced self-doubt. But fear of particular existence does not occur in nature.

Our situation is a construct designed by men with a ploy that can be reverse-engineered by men with a plan. To accomplish this great mission we only need the will to overcome, a magnificent power we carry in our blood and our soul.

-Joseph Jordan