Families Against Wall Street: We Stand With The Railway Workers!

President Joe Biden refers to himself as the “most pro-union president in history.”

The Republican party purports to stand in defense of family values.

Yet, as negotiations between railway unions and private carriers break down on the eve of the deadline that triggers a labor strike, both the Democrats and Republicans are colluding to use their federal powers to crush the workers!

The unions represent 115,000 railway and transportation workers who have been left without a contract since 2019. Last July, the White House used a law passed almost a century ago to bar the unions who voted to strike from taking action. Since then, they have been forced to waste their time sitting in on US Chamber of Commerce and Department of Labor brokered sham negotiations with employers these supposed neutral arbitrators ultimately serve.

Naturally, the negotiations have failed.

The main grievance of the two leading unions—the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen (BLET) and SMART Transportation Division—is that they are permanently on call and given 90 minutes notice to come to work on their scheduled days off, which leaves them unable to spend any time with their wives and kids. They are often transported across the country, where they are not given any pay to stay far away from home for long periods of time. Individual workers with life or death health issues, such as heart surgery, accumulate points on their record that ultimately leads to their termination.

This issue, which is caused by Wall Street-backed, cost-cutting measures that have brought shareholders record profits in recent years, has led to an abysmal work-life balance for conductors and engineers. More broadly, employer stinginess in hiring has created dangerously understaffed and inefficient supply lines that have been negatively impacting consumers. This dynamic has become a sticking point that capital and its lackeys like Labor Secretary Marty Walsh refuse to budge on.

Wall Street’s Jewish woke capitalist agenda also looms in the background. Larry Fink’s Blackrock has been using its power over major carriers like Union Pacific Corps to implement race quotas, done under the guise of “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion,” that aggressively discriminate against White people in hiring, which in Middle America has exacerbated staffing issues of qualified laborers among the overwhelmingly White and blue-collar workforce.

Railway carriers and investors are claiming there is a “labor shortage,” but the downsizing measures predate COVID. What is true is that workers have been emboldened by recent increases in working-class leverage spurred by a brief and unofficial immigration moratorium as well as savings and lowering of consumer debt during the COVID pandemic, which has freed blue-collar women to stay home with their young children.

Neo-liberal capitalist brain trusts, such as the Brookings Institute, are demanding government action to force mothers back to work to re-depress wages and reduce the power of existing workers to bargain for better conditions.

America’s Marxists and left-wing populists, some who burrow themselves into the labor movement as unelected and worthless liaisons, claim to speak for the workers. But these controlled opposition masters of false consciousness are in total consensus with Wall Street’s “woke” anti-family and anti-White agenda, which, by design, decontextualizes economic demands and deflates working-class power. Bernie Sanders may mumble a few shallow words of support, but ultimately does nothing substantial with his immense power to fight for the railway workers in ongoing debates on suppressing them inside the US Senate.

Even as the midterms approach and political opportunities like this land on their laps, neither the Republicans nor the Democrats have the moral conviction to stand with BLET or SMART.

Both parties have proven useless in defending the working man because they are in the pocket of Manhattan finance and capital more broadly. This will never change, but labor has the power to fight back. If the union holdouts have the courage to walk off the job tomorrow, regardless of any laws passed to stop them between then and now, they will immediately bleed the US economy up to $2 billion a day. Greed must incur a cost!

American labor is easily one of the most undermined institutions in our country, with a network of big, money-backed figures such as the Jew Richard Berman of the 501(c)(3) “Union Facts” making it their full-time job to attack the right to collectively bargain across the country. Our corrupt plutocrats must relearn a lesson they have long forgotten: it is the working man, not speculators, that keep their grocery shelves in Washington, DC, and New York stocked!

A healthy nation puts the well-being of families, who toil to keep our country running, over nests of parasites in skyscrapers that treat human beings as chips to play at the stock market casino.

The NJP is the only political organization in the United States with a plan that offers a total solution to the abuses of runaway neoliberalism.

To America’s railway workers: You have our unconditional support!