Operation White Christmas 2022

The third annual Operation White Christmas is underway! Hosted jointly by the National Justice Party and Evergreen, Operation White Christmas is an online toy drive for White families in need. In the interest of racial justice and pro-White advocacy, we want to ensure that White families in need are not turned away, as they frequently are by other charitable efforts.

Too often and in too many areas of society, White people are increasingly discriminated against, attacked, vilified, and demonized, leaving many White families struggling to afford food and housing, let alone Christmas presents, and often denied assistance or sympathy based on their European heritage. In the midst of increasingly anti-White hiring practices and workplace requirements, many White parents are left under- or unemployed this holiday season. With rising gas prices and inflation, these problems are even further amplified this year. Surprise medical bills, pregnancies, urgent home and car repairs, and extreme weather are still more reasons why our families may be struggling financially. As White men and women, it is our duty and privilege to directly assist our brothers and sisters in need.

So how does it work? We are not collecting donations ourselves; rather, we are building anonymous gift lists for these families based on their own needs and wants that will be shared in batches throughout December on the National Justice Party Telegram channel. We ask that anyone with the means to help out these families purchase an item for them from these gift lists so their children can enjoy a plentiful Christmas. If you know of any White families in need, send them our way by emailing us at [email protected] and we’ll get a gift list made for them to share with the community!

Last year, we facilitated the donation of $14,700 worth of presents to 27 White families in need. Every gift list we shared was completely purchased within a few hours thanks to the extremely generous and eager members of the pro-White community. This year, we aim to do even better and hope we can reach more families who need a little extra help this Christmas.

This year, in the first few days since Operation White Christmas was announced, we’ve received an outpouring of support from the pro-White community, ready to help these families who they’ve never met. Along with them came numerous emails from families in tight spots humbly asking for support. Some experienced recent job loss, medical crises, car wrecks, hurricane damage, a combination of factors, or ongoing issues. Some families benefited last year and are still not financially recovered, while others donated last year and have now fallen on hard times. Many more came to Operation White Christmas as their first introduction to the National Justice Party and Evergreen, overwhelmed and surprised that a charitable effort exists for people like them, backed by organizations that focus year-round on White advocacy, both political and cultural respectively.

A father requested help for his family saying, “My wife and I have had a very hard year. This time last year we were doing well and actually purchased some gifts from the shopping list you all put out. In the last year we had a major pay cut, a serious illness, a car wreck, and had to downsize our home. I just want to make Christmas special for our 3 boys. Any help would mean the world to us. Thank you and God bless you.”

Another family asked for assistance due to the fact that three other children in their extended family would be placed under their care right before Christmas. In Florida, Hurricane Ian damaged the home of a White family who couldn’t benefit from the system in place that prioritizes non-Whites. A preteen was even among those who reached out for help, saying the family has many young children and could really use the help, with good parents who, like many, feel they shouldn’t ask for assistance for themselves.

Many messages of gratitude and blessings quickly followed once we started building the lists for this year’s recipients. “I am totally overwhelmed by how generous you guys are! I wish to thank everyone at the NJP and Evergreen from the bottom of my heart, you are all incredible. One day I will attend one of your events and thank you all in person!” one recipient said, a young man caring alone for his little brother.

One woman reached out on behalf of her sister, caring for children who suffered abuse, saying, “Thank you so so so so much. I called my sister and she cried. Thank you so much.” Sharing the news with her other sisters, she continued, “My sisters couldn’t believe the post. They were shocked there’s actually something out there just to help our people…to say they were excited and overwhelmed by the support is an understatement. They are all interested in helping next year.”

Another woman struggling financially due to a disability while caring for her three children exclaimed, “THANK YOU! WOOOW… Sorry I am shocked right now.. Happily shocked, but nonetheless… This is just amazing… I can’t wait to tell my children about this! Thank you!”

As expected, anti-White activists have sought to derail our efforts by spamming our email address. Operation White Christmas received thousands of spam messages over the Thanksgiving holiday, which were obviously caused by bad actors signing up the email account for various email subscriber lists, including obscene ones. Fortunately, their pathetic efforts did not harm or slow down our process in the slightest. Operation White Christmas will continue as planned, full steam ahead! To close with the words of another recipient, “You guys truly remind me how much NJP has changed my life and show how much we as White people when united can not be stopped.”

The second batch of gift lists for this year’s Operation White Christmas can be found here. Stay tuned as we release more leading up to Christmas! Thank you to everyone who generously donates. We can’t do it without you!