Merry Christmas — and Operation White Christmas Update!

We are pleased to announce our third annual Operation White Christmas was a complete success.

The grand total in gifts purchased was over $38,800 benefiting 67 families — more than double our number from last year. Every item on every list was bought before Christmas!

A huge THANK YOU from the National Justice Party and Evergreen to everyone who helped make OWC a success this year.

First and foremost, we want to thank everyone who purchased gifts for a White family in need. Your generosity shows the highest determination to help your people not in word, but in deed. Nothing could be more in keeping with the ancient spirit of Christmas than to think of those worse off than yourself, and do your part to help them.  You’ve made countless children happy this year and have given a huge relief to struggling families who might otherwise have had a Christmas filled with financial worry and debt.

Second, we want to thank our staff and volunteers who did the hard work of facilitating this massive gift-giving operation. OWC does not happen automatically. It is only made possible because we have so many excellent volunteers to comb through all the emails we receive, filtering out the spam and bad actors, verifying and vetting the true families in need, recreating their wish lists anonymously on a separate account, communicating with the families and making sure every list is fulfilled correctly. This is a ton of work at a time of year when most people are busy enough trying to make plans and arrange gifts for their own families!

Third, we want to thank every family who participated in OWC this year. Christmas is a time for giving, and by helping us help you have a happier Christmas, it reflects on the mission and purpose of the National Justice Party and demonstrates once again we are a force to be reckoned with in the struggle for White rights and White survival in North America.

We live in an institutionally anti-White system, where government benefits, nonprofits and charities cater to every race except White people, where millions of White people are struggling without relief, where a vast secret police apparatus coordinates with the globalist corporate oligarchy to deplatform and silence pro-White voices.

The only thing we have to fight this oppression is each other — fortunately, that’s all we need! Binding together in mutual support is the key to our strength, the magic formula that beats all opposition and overcomes all problems. Operation White Christmas is a small but important demonstration of this strength, and it proves the spirit of White solidarity and sacrifice is still very much alive in America, which should bring hope to everyone this holiday season.

MERRY CHRISTMAS from the National Justice Party!