New York: FBI Agent Arrested For Massive Collection Of Toddler Rape Videos

Another federal agent has been arrested for sexual crimes against children.

57-year-old John Magri, a veteran FBI special agent who has been working as a real estate lawyer in Queens, was arraigned in court this week for 18 counts of possessing and disseminating child pornography.

Magri’s home was searched on June 21st by NYPD detectives investigating an internet-based child pornography ring. A search of Magri’s computers unearthed a collection of 700 files featuring toddlers and even infants being brutally raped and tortured that he shared with fellow sexual deviants online.

The suspect is being charged locally for the crime despite ample grounds for federal prosecution. As a rule, internet child pornography cases are investigated and prosecuted federally, where criminal penalties are more severe. Despite the interstate and trans-national nature of creating and sharing obscene child abuse materials over the internet, local New York cops did all of the work in Magri’s case.

Last year, whistleblowers told Congress that the FBI was taking agents off of child pornography and abuse cases so that they could prioritize pursuing the political crimes of “white supremacists” and Trump supporters who entered the Capitol on January 6th, 2021.

It is not clear if Magri retired from the FBI or was removed. Magri’s work in federal law enforcement was spotlighted on different occasions on the FBI’s website, which suggests he was in good standing prior to his departure. When individuals are removed from the Bureau for criminal, negligent or immoral behavior, the Department of Justice seldom prosecutes its own. Furthermore, the insular and opaque FBI abides by a policy of hiding agents’ disciplinary records so they are not scrutinized when they seek employment elsewhere.

The dangers to the public created by the FBI’s culture of impunity was put on display in the case of¬†Special Agent Christopher Bauer, who was removed from the FBI in 2018 after an internal investigation found he had raped a female colleague at knifepoint. Bauer transferred out of the FBI worked in law enforcement in Alabama until April 2021, when he was arrested for raping and sodomizing an 11-year-old girl.

The last three years have been rife with anecdotes of FBI agents behaving in bizarre and disgusting ways. Examples include supervisory agents stimulating themselves with rainbow dildos in their office, hair-trigger feds preying on the weak, and a seeming disposition towards engaging in sexual sadism against little kids.

The perceived authority FBI agents feel over local police officers also makes it difficult for cops to enforce the law on agents. Last year, an FBI agent in Queens who was blocking a bus stop with his car allegedly handcuffed and assaulted an NYPD traffic officer for trying to write him a citation. Feds regularly target white police officers in multi-racial cities in “racism” witch hunts, while the FBI itself operates with little to no oversight.