Newsletter #2: Summer of 2023 (June-September)

Welcome to the second issue of the National Justice Party’s official Newsletter. Meant to keep you up-to-date on all major Party achievements, street actions, and breaking developments, the Newsletter will be released periodically to recap the events of the preceding months.

In this issue of the Newsletter, we’ll cover the busy months of June to September of 2023, and recall a summer jam-packed with official NJP protests, page-turning articles, and of course, tons of pro-White advocacy.

Salina, New York Protest

The month of June 2023 kicked off with a spirited protest in the progressive-left State of New York, where the predominantly White long-term residents of a Candlewood Suites hotel were threatened with sudden eviction to make way for illegal immigrants sent from New York City. Demanding an end to migrant resettlement in White homelands, the NJP went unopposed and—as usual—garnered tons of local support!

June Articles

Continuing his series of professional journalism, Founding Central Committee member, Joseph Jordan, unleashed a plethora of engaging articles worthy of any nationalist reader.

In his reporting, Jordan went on to highlight a growing demand for law and order in left-wing Oakland, exposed the pedophilic crimes of a Department of Homeland Security agent in Las Vegas, shined a light on conservative hypocrisy regarding “drag-ban” legislation, chronicled the lawsuit of a public defender who experienced anti-White racial discrimination, and much, much more. For all of Jordan’s articles in June, click here.

Conservative Judges Are Overturning Bans On “Trans” Mutilation and Drag Queen Strip Shows ↗

The conservative movement has in the last two years seemingly embraced the fight against transsexual ideology. The issue has saturated…

New Jersey: White Public Defender Suffering Racial Abuse Files Discrimination Lawsuit ↗

A Jersey City lawyer working for the Hudson City Public Defender’s office has filed a civil lawsuit over the anti-white…

How the Israelis Meddled in the 2022 Midterm Elections ↗

Much has been said about “foreign meddling” in the American electoral process in the last seven years. Democrats will often scapegoat…

June Mass Meeting, East Palestine, Ohio

On June 10th, the National Justice Party conducted its 11th Mass Meeting in East Palestine, Ohio. The event was memorable for its growing numbers of supportive White families, its wide array of vendor tables, and a series of rousing speeches delivered by Central Committee members, Michael McKevittAlan Balogh, and Chairman Mike Peinovich.

To attend mass meetings such as these, RSVP with your local Supporter Group Director, today! Don’t hesitate, participate!

Providence Village, Texas Protest

July proved to be most notable for a blitz of pro-White activism across the country. On the 16th, NJP Supporters and volunteer activists protested a new Texas law that would ban local housing authorities from refusing Section 8 tenants in their neighborhoods. The decision, residents feared, would expose predominately White families to violence and non-White criminality.

Calling out the local GOP for being complicit in signing the anti-White legislature, and demanding the system protect White families, activists marched at the gates of Providence Village, a town with a growing history of Section 8 Violence. 

July Articles

In July, Jordan continued his work, this time covering world events and injustices emerging from the highest levels of the zionist power structure. In a must-read article, Jordan detailed the United States’ intimate role in fanning the flames of France’s ongoing “anti-White race riots.”

Other pieces include his in-depth analysis of a book penned by a former agent of the FBI, an examination of “National Conservative” government’s hand in funneling millions of non-White migrants into Europe, as well as a ground-breaking article detailing the problem of rampant Black violence occurring inside American military bases. For all of Jordan’s articles in July, click here.

The US Government Is Responsible For France’s Anti-White Race Riots↗

In the last week, the banlieues surrounding France’s major cities have erupted in flames and anarchy, with at least one confirmed death, hundreds of injuries…

New Book Reveals Inner Psychology Of An FBI Secret Police Agent↗

What kind of neurotic person takes it upon themselves to spy on citizens exercising their rights in the name of fighting terrorism?…

The Rampant Black Violence On American Military Bases↗

The story of a black American Army private who ditched a tour of the DMZ and ran into North Korea has taken over the news cycle due to its novelty value…

Nashville, Tennessee Protest

On the 23rd, the National Justice Party dominated the streets of Nashville, Tennessee in what would be its largest street protest to date. Over 60 NJP Supporters from all over America’s embattled southland gathered to oppose a secret “Drag Queen Story Hour” hosted in the basement of one of Nashville’s oldest Lutheran Churches.

Demanding an end to the sexual exploitation of American youth, and calling out Republican lawmakers who overturned a law that would have made these shows illegal in Tennessee, the NJP was met with overwhelming and enthusiastic support from local residents.

Rotterdam, New York Protest

In the final hours of July, NJP activists once again rallied in the migrant battleground state of New York, this time protesting a Super 8 Hotel in the town of Rotterdam, which suddenly evicted all of its long-term residents to resettle over 200 illegal immigrants bussed in from New York City.

Demanding an end to the migrant invasion, and loudly advocating on behalf of those who were evicted, NJP activists highlighted the injustices of an anti-White system motivated by profit and opposed the ongoing racial displacement of White families across the Empire State. 

The protest lasted over three hours and would be the third consecutive NJP protest conducted on weekends in July, further demonstrating the organization’s reach, commitment, and showcasing its revolutionary zeal.

International Day of Pro-White Activism

On August 9th, the National Justice Party participated in the International Day of Pro-White Activism, a massive demonstration of White Unity in conjunction with a myriad of groups from all over the world.

NJP volunteers and supporters organized rallies, banner displays, stickering, flyering, and picnics in over 28 states plus the District of Columbia. With 130 total activism submissions, It would prove to be the largest coordinated weekend of NJP action to date and a massive show of strength for the party and our people.

“I’ve just tallied up the entries for last week’s International Day of Pro-White Action and the National Justice Party have dominated, far and away. They understood and embodied the spirit of the event, ‘Do something for your people.'”

Sam Melia, Patriotic Alternative

The International Day of Pro-White Action was organized by Patriotic Alternative, a UK-based organization founded in 2019 by Mark Collett to “raise awareness of issues such as the demographic decline of native Britons in the United Kingdom, the environmental impact of mass immigration and the indoctrination and political bias taking place in British schools.”

August & September Articles

In August, Jordan examined “Kaganism,” and penned an investigation into the people in charge of steering America towards another world war.

Other pieces include a scathing review of the FBI’s actions since the infamous Ruby Ridge massacre 31 years ago, examined the concept of the Jewish proxy war on White communities, and shined a light on the unwillingness of the criminal justice system to convict Black suspects. For all of Jordan’s articles in August, click here. For all of his articles penned in September, click here.

Kaganism: The People Steering Us Into Another World War↗

The Iraq war debacle, the relative (to Bush) restraint of the Obama administration, and the 2016 anti-interventionist campaign of Donald Trump…

YIMBYs Versus NIMBYs: The Jewish Proxy War On White Communities↗

There is no greater litmus test for human liberty than the right to decide what kind of community you and your family live in…

31 Years After Ruby Ridge, The FBI Is Still Killing Americans With Impunity↗

It’s been 31 years since the beginning of the FBI’s murderous siege on the home of the Weaver family…


At the end of August, NJP activists broke ground by staging independent, on-the-ground protests for two separate political issues affecting Whites on the same weekend. In Chicago, NJP Supporters marched proudly in opposition to the controversial Illinois House Bill 3751. The bill—which saw bipartisan support—paves the way for so-called “legal aliens” and “asylum seekers” to police, arrest, detain, and shoot to kill American citizens.

In Munester, Texas, the NJP continued its fight against Texas House Bill 1193, by protesting outside the home of one of the Bill’s largest Republican supporters. Approximately 20 Supporters demonstrated outside State Senator Drew Springer’s (R) home and drew support from the community both online AND in the streets.

Labor Day Mass Meeting, Columbus, Ohio

On September 2nd, the National Justice Party conducted its critically acclaimed Labor Day Mass Meeting in Columbus, Ohio.

The event would prove to be the largest gathering of pro-White advocates in decades, surpassing the number of attendants in the previous year. Much like the mass meeting in June, this event was known for its strong showing of young White families as well as speeches delivered by founding Central Committee members, Tony HovaterWarren Balogh, and Chairman Mike Peinovich.

To attend mass meetings such as these, RSVP with your local Supporter Group Director, today! Don’t hesitate, participate!

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