When They Admit That We Were Right

The world is witnessing an ongoing massacre of attention seeking, virtue signaling Millennial leftists. In a twisted and ironic Robespierran fashion, they are being victimized by the very circumstances they fought to bring about.

There is the case of Gaige Grosskreutz, the Black Lives Matter lunatic who tried to kill Kyle Rittenhouse in 2020 but ended up shot in self-defense. He was recently run over and severely injured again, this time by a black career criminal with no driver’s license who should’ve been in jail, but was instead recklessly joyriding in an SUV through West Allis.

Grosskreutz, who now goes by the name Paul Pediger, set up a Go Fund Me promoted by the local news to pay for treatment of his organ damage and broken bones. While many wealthy people were eager to bail BLM rioters like him out of jail in 2020, after a month of appeals, Grosskreutz’s hospital fundraiser is stagnant and not even close to reaching his humble $2,500 goal.

Other incidents, such as the 26-year-old tech “social justice” CEO in Baltimore savagely murdered by a black serial rapist, or gay activist Josh Kruger shot to death in his home likely by his lover in Philadelphia have also become national stories. Common people are being unfairly and brutally killed all the time in our country, but because these were privileged members of America’s priestly class, the conspiracy of coordinated journalistic malpractice that typically prevents stories of interracial crime from making national news has been provisionally ended.

In Brooklyn, an Antifa supporting nation-wrecker named Ryan Carson was stabbed to death by a black for no reason. Gruesome surveillance footage of the attack shows Carson, who was much larger than his attacker, completely paralyzed by fear as his Marxist girlfriend reacts with relative apathy at the sight of her dead date.

Carson’s memory is being disgraced by all. The right-wingers he led witch hunts against are collectively spitting on his grave and his nihilistic, mentally disturbed leftist “friends” — including said girlfriend Claudia Morales — are adamantly refusing to cooperate with police in the homicide investigation for ideological reasons: black = good, white = bad.

The biggest scandal in modern day America is that our worldview and our warnings are being completely vindicated in real time, but the system’s response is only to persecute us harder for it!

For years, the Ryan Carsons of Brooklyn have bombarded me with murderous threats, campaigns to get me fired from jobs, and various other types of harassment simply because of my life-long effort to prevent the very situations that they’re now dying in. With the help of billionaire backers, the Jewish media and crooked law enforcement, they have succeeded in totally destroying my flawed but beloved home of New York City. What thoughts crossed Carson’s mind as his last breaths left his body? Did he say, “maybe they were right,” as his life of anti-white and anti-social activity flashed before his eyes? How deeply embedded was his addiction to hearing “good boy,” his psychotic missionary fervor, and most importantly, his strategy to have hipster girls in Brooklyn notice him?

Not long ago I received evidence that from 2020 to 2022 — when I was mysteriously placed on the FBI Terrorist Watch List before being quietly removed earlier this year — I was subjected to a vexatious FBI fishing expedition and an intelligence operation seeking to entrap me, despite no suspicion of criminal wrongdoing of any type. The timing coincides with the height of my journalistic output, when I was publishing truthful reports exposing corruption at the Bureau, including verified and strongly sourced stories about their undercover agents drugging teenage boys that federal prosecutors later whined about in court.

Throughout this time, sketchy individuals in adjacent groups sought to rope me into bizarre kidnapping plots, groups of trolls who were later outed as federal informants tried to provoke me into sending them an interstate threat, and other developments occurred during this time period that I no longer believe were random occurrences. In every case my response was to immediately block and refuse further contact with these suspicious actors. If I had been just a bit less aware of my surroundings, I would be in Supermax next to Matt Hale right now. All of this money and time was wasted on these antics because people at the Anti-Defamation League and their lackeys inside the intelligence community cannot dispute the veracity of my reporting or intellectually defeat my ideas.

The targeted harassment of our movement does not end there. My colleagues and I are politically censored from every single platform, we are even surgically silenced on free-for-alls like Telegram and X. We have no means to access basic financial services, despite only engaging in legitimate, sensible and legally protected political advocacy.

Our National Justice Party conferences, which against all odds continue to grow every year into the largest events of their kind in North America, must still be held in secret. This artificially prevents us from reaching our full potential as participants in a system that claims to be democratic and respect the rule of law. We are forced to hold our meetings privately not just because we fear communist gangs bringing physical harm to the families with young children that attend our events, but more so because we know that when we take the measures necessary to physically defend ourselves and our God-given rights, the unhinged Jewish maniacs at the Department of Justice will have the excuse they desperately seek to railroad us.

Every time we think they have hit the bottom of the barrel, they surprise us by going lower. Over the summer, Charlottesville District Attorney Jim Hingley began prosecuting people from all around the country who attended the Unite the Right protest six years ago just for being at the lawfully permitted the rally. Hingley’s own district is so engulfed by black crime that international students are too afraid to attend the once prestigious University of Virginia. The marauding repeat offenders preying on naive students in Charlottesville continue to be let off to attack again by the Soros-funded prosecutor while the petty tyrant wastes his office’s resources launching an expensive nationwide manhunt aimed at people who once, many years ago, held a Wal Mart tiki torch on the UVA campus!

All of this for what? We are still here and more vigorous than ever!

We are happy warriors, and believe our status as proscribed men is a badge of honor that makes us worthy of our ancestors. Our only crime has been to warn the world. Everything we predicted came true, and everything we are telling you now will come true. We have history, science and common sense fully on our side. How can a nation claim to be a “liberal democracy” and a product of the Enlightenment when it hounds, censors and jails citizens specifically for saying things that everyone agrees are objectively true? This is no different from what was done to Socrates and Galileo. We should be proud to be in such good company!

At Charlottesville and beyond, we told them that the attack on Confederate monuments was the first shot in a planned racial hate campaign to eliminate every monument with a European face from public life, from Columbus to Thomas Jefferson. We were right.

We told them that letting violent blacks out of prison under criminal justice reforms would lead to a crime wave unprecedented in modern US history. We were right.

We forecasted that if white people are treated by ruling institutions as despised outcasts, legislative bodies racked by corruption and racial anarchy would be unable and unwilling to tackle destabilizing problems like infrastructure collapse, crime and unbridled immigration. We were right.

We held, under the blows of systematic gangsterism, that when everyone comes to their senses and starts crying for help, the Jewish power structure will bring its bloodthirsty outrages to the doorsteps of “respectable” conservatives. We now live in a country where Catholics have undercover agents spying on them and plotting against them as they pray in church, where right-wing citizens are murdered by federal agents without any accountability, where white citizens from all walks of life are thrown in prison for defending their lives and families, where a thousand ordinary law-abiding people were arrested for their beliefs, and the former president of the United States and current front runner is facing 91 transparently bogus felony charges. It all came true.

To add insult to injury, politicians struggling to get a handle on the crisis of legitimacy causing the disintegration of the liberal West at home and abroad are now coming to terms with the fact that our concerns are real and justified. For this reason, we can only look on, completely mystified, as these discredited and hated regimes continue to batter us with all their might while telling us we are right!

Britain’s Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, recently declared that multi-culturalism has failed and immigration is destroying the UK. The problem is that instead of using her executive powers to produce policy congruent to this election year noise, the security services under her command threw James Allchurch in prison for two and a half years simply for expressing the exact same sentiment on his radio show.

In Sweden, Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson is not mincing any words. He now openly admits that non-white immigration has wrecked his country, a perspective that is the reason for the Nordic Resistance Movement’s existence. But as he grants these truths, he turns a blind eye as Swedish media outlets continue to flagrantly violate the country’s strict privacy protection laws to publish the personal information of NRM members. Following a nationalist activist’s exposure by Expressen, his mother’s home was firebombed and burned to the ground by Marxist terrorists. The Jewish Bonnier family, which controls this trashy paper, has been given license by the Swedish state to direct its excitable readers to try to assassinate Swedish citizens for expressing beliefs that are now apparently the official view of the government!

Even Joe Biden agrees with our view that his government is anti-white. In an interview with Pro Publica, Biden called on Democrats to tone down their virulent hatred of white people because it is now impossible to dismiss. Missing from his throwaway appeal for inter-racial civility is any move towards lasting legal protections for white people or even upholding the bare minimum civil liberties of white advocates as we rapidly approach minority status.

In the grand scheme of things, no amount of police repression, criminal harassment, defamation and disinformation, or censorship can disprove the truths that we speak. NJP is the only viable political response to the crisis-ridden and collapsing Washington regime.

It is time to fully restore our rights as American citizens. It’s the only thing we need to take control of this runaway train. If they don’t want to, it doesn’t matter, we will find a way around their many obstacles.

Our enemies now agree that we were right all along. Those who, out of religious zealotry, cannot bring themselves to verbally agree, speak with their silence as they quietly flee Brooklyn back to the wealthy suburbs they came from. If their response to those of us who speak plainly about what is transpiring before everybody’s eyes is to punish us for it, so be it. In the end we will always be on the right side of history, and if by some miracle they ever succeed in stamping out our voices — their prophets — they will still be consumed by the flames of its absolute certainty.