Four Ways The Destruction of Israel Can Benefit The West

On October 7th, a group of “savages” from Gaza launched a brigade sized, combined arms offensive into Israel spearheaded by elite light infantry backed with drones, amphibious landings, cyberattacks, and a massive 3 to 5,000 strong rocket barrage launched in a time span of 20 minutes that obliterated the “Invincible Army’s” local command structures, overwhelmed its Iron Dome defense system, and dealt enormous casualties to Israeli soldiers and settler militias in their own bases.

This was not a “terrorist attack” featuring lone wolves committing suicide bombings on public buses or shooting random civilians with zipguns. What we saw on Saturday was a planned incursion by a professional military that used the element of strategic surprise to grab the Zionist beast by its belt buckle and repeatedly stabbed it in its heart. The people of Gaza have watched the brutality with which Israeli settlements have advanced in the largely demilitarized West Bank, where the IDF was busy killing unarmed natives as the Hamas offensive unfolded, and decided that they had to use whatever means necessary to force a conversation about their right to exist.

13 days later, the world is on the brink of a global conflict, largely thanks to the master-slave relationship world Jewry has with the nations of the G7 — the principle offenders being the United States, Britain, France and Germany — who are now providing diplomatic and military support for widely disseminated (by the Israeli government itself!) and indefensible atrocities that would’ve been viscerally offensive to every army in history save perhaps Ghenghis Khan’s Mongols.

The sadistic criminal acts Israel is committing in Gaza, including inexplicably murderous strikes on the Al-Aharabi hospital and the 1,000 year old Church of Saint Porphyrios, have turned all civilized people against Zionism. China and Russia, who have made the resolute decision to begin constructing a no nonsense post-American world order, are siding with the Palestinians and standing with Iran against the frenzied, rampaging Jewish chimera.

The scene of Putin and Xi Jinping celebrating new heights in the Belt and Road Initiative contrasted heavily with images of Benjamin Netanyahu meeting in a room with his sole ally, a drooling and visibly confused Joe Biden, openly plotting a bombs-and-bullets mass extermination in the 21st century.

Nations of great consequence are turning their back on Israel, and by extension, the United States and its European proxy states. For the first time in many decades, we can now begin to imagine a world where Israel no longer exists. What would it look like? How could the downfall of Israel as a Jewish state ultimately serve to benefit the West?

1. Increase the West’s Prestige

As Fred Kagan, Bernard Henri-Levi and other Jewish intellectuals have noted, globalism and liberalism are an artificial construct at war with human nature, which instinctively drives towards national sovereignty, self-reliance, ethnic loyalty, and tradition. Nations must be dragged kicking and screaming towards “progress” by granting Washington an international monopoly financial, military, legal, and political violence in order to coerce humanity along.

In the last few years, this post-WWII “rules based liberal order” has come under unprecedented strain.

The first blow came when the United States hastily withdrew from Afghanistan. Pentagon officials strongly underestimated the speed with which the Taliban forces, who despite their reputation had evolved by that point from a rag-tag peasant army into a semi-professional army, were approaching the capital. The end result was a panicked escape, with massive quantities of military equipment left behind and local pro-US collaborators clinging to the wings of fleeing American aircraft.

The Taliban’s victory after 20 years of war with America, along with other conflicts such as the triumph of the Houthis in Yemen and the more recent Hamas offensive against Israel, are part of a broader trend:  revolutionary developments in tactics and inexpensive weaponry have allowed previously weak fighters to become near-peer adversaries when facing technologically superior, but weaker willed, armies.

The second blow to the strategy of Western liberal compliance came on the economic front, with the Trump administration’s maximum pressure campaign against Iran in 2018 and the failure to isolate Russia after it defied Washington by entering the Ukraine in 2022.

Iran and Russia have been able to not only survive, but thrive, under an onslaught of American and European financial warfare that has hurt the attackers more than the targets. China’s pursuit of its national interests over lending itself to neurotic and mercurial Jews looking to settle international scores has allowed it to become a major global power thanks in part to their willingness to trade with nations blacklisted by Washington and aligned plutocracies.

Now, in its unrelenting defense of the Jewish genocide of the Palestinian people, the West has taken a final blow, this time on the very human rights doctrine that was once used to bring legitimacy to the execution of surrendered Germans at Nuremberg and the imprisonment of Serbian patriots at the Hague.

For much of the world, including growing numbers of citizens in Western countries, witnessing figures such as Joe Biden, Ursula Van Der Leyen, and Olaf Scholz act as accomplices to barbarism by repeating the crude Jewish lie that the Israeli air strike that destroyed the Christian al-Ahli Arab Hospital and killed all the women and children inside was a product of Palestinians firing rockets at themselves, rather than the Israelis doing exactly what they have been promising they would do, is an insult to everybody’s intelligence.

The Biden administration’s decision to deploy American aircraft carriers and troops, along with at least $10 billion dollars in military aid, makes us a direct accomplice in the obscene cruelty we are watching in real time. This flagrant violation of the supposed rules and laws the United States and other Allied powers imposed on the world after WWII exposes the whole “rules-based liberal order” as a cynical fraud. Both the immediate and long-term ramifications of decisions like this are bound to resonate for decades, and none of it would be happening if Israel ceased to exist and the Jewish lobby did not stain our hands with the blood of the innocent.

2. Reductions In Foreign Aid and ‘America First’ Geopolitical Realism 

Propping up Israel is a costly endeavor for American taxpayers.

Besides the yearly $3.8 billion sent to arm Israelis and help provide its citizens with a cradle to grave welfare state Americans could only dream of, there are tens of billions of additional dollars dispatched as protection payoffs to various Muslim nations historically hostile to Zionism, such as Egypt and Jordan, so that they turn a blind eye and even covertly support the hostile actions of the Jewish state.

Add in the cost of the Middle East wars that have been fought on Israel’s behalf in the last 20 years and the cumulative price of Israel is well into the trillions. Yesterday, President Joe Biden ordered the US Congress to provide another $100 billion dollar package to fund the Jewish war efforts in Ukraine and Israel. This arrangement, where the United States and its NATO allies violently clear out leaders and countries who oppose Israeli expansion, is the driving force behind every American military adventure in North Africa and the Middle East.

Zionist foreign policy makers have also played a role in the 2014 coup in Ukraine that served as the first domino in the wider Ukraine conflict in 2022. Victoria Nuland, who is a member of the ultra-Zionist Kagan family played a leading role in the failed regime-change conspiracy against Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad and the militarization of Ukraine. In 2020, Nuland wrote an article explaining the logic behind antagonizing Russia, where she stresses that creating conflict in Eastern Europe is a means to weakening the Kremlin’s ability to support anti-Israel governments such as the former Libyan state, Syria, and Iran. Though Israel has formally sought to keep plausible deniability on Ukraine out of fear that Russia will retaliate by increasing support for Iran and Syria, its Zionist diaspora is able to prosecute wars on its behalf using the blood and treasure of America and Europe as their cover.

More disquieting are the dubious maneuvers the desperate and isolated Judeo-Washington elite is willing to go to in order to create fragile local alliances to deploy as Israeli counter-balances to growing Iranian power.

The Saudi normalization campaign is the most concerning. The Saudi kingdom is the world’s top exporter of Wahhabi terrorist ideology — the inspiration of groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda — which has killed thousands of Americans and Europeans since 9/11.

Yet, knowing this, the United States was seriously considering outfitting the Saudis with a nuclear program free of non-proliferation agreements in order to pry them away from China and agree to an alliance with Israel against Iran. On its surface, the intention appears to be to up the ante with Iran by giving the Saudis nukes. While the role of Iran behind the latest Israel-Palestine war continues to be debated, the end-result is that by making it politically difficult for the Saudis to sign on to this agreement, the Palestinians and their allies may have prevented an actual terrorist regime from getting its hands on weapons of mass destruction.

America and Europe being in a state of permanent war with the resource rich and potentially vast markets of the Arab world in order to enable the genocidal project of the tiny and pointless Jewish state is simply irrational from a non-Jewish Western geopolitical perspective. Countries that are not handcuffed to Israel, such as China, are finding immense prosperity and good will simply by trading with the Islamic world and staying out of their internal affairs. This is a solution that, if taken up by the West, would yield benefits for all parties, yet it will never be possible as long as we are forced to be the guarantor of Israel’s existence.

Finally, in a Middle East without Israel, it is certain that Iran will be the regional superpower. Such an evolution would drastically reduce the blight of Wahhabi terrorism and allow the spread of their civilized and ethical Persian form of Islam. This shift would bring peace and development to the long-troubled region, and significantly reduce the problems Saudi, Israeli and CIA backed Islamists cause all around the world.

3. End Middle Eastern Mass Migration To Europe

The official policy of the Israeli government is that it will never accept a Palestinian state. For the ruling Netanyahu coalition, the plan has always been to make life unbearable for the 4.5 million Arabs in occupied territories until they are pushed into the desert by settlers, killed or emigrate. The Israelis want to annex all Palestinian lands and replace their population with Jews through systematic  violence, a policy prominent figures such as Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smoterich proudly boasts about to the world.

The ongoing Israeli, American and European Union pressure campaign to convince Egypt to take all the Palestinians in Gaza under humanitarian pretenses should be alarming to opponents of immigration. The Egyptian government is refusing the deal because they know after the Gazans are evacuated into their country, the refugees will never be allowed to return. When asked about a plan on what to do with millions of these refugees if they do cave to US and Israeli pressure, the Egyptian government responded by declaring that they are going to send them all to Europe.

For almost a decade now, the top sources for non-white immigration to Europe have been nations destabilized by American wars for Israel, such as Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and more. NGOs sponsored by the United States, the European Union and Israel have deliberately enabled the mass exodus of military aged men from Arab countries the US and Israel perceive as problematic as a geopolitical strategy to heavily deplete the local pool of conscripts and potential resistance fighters.

In a new paradigm, where Israel no longer exists, we would instantly see a drastic reduction of Arabs trying to emigrate to Europe as asylum seekers. Furthermore, partnerships could be formed with needlessly demonized anti-Zionist entities such as Syria, a large source of migrants into Europe, which holds the repatriation of their emigres as a top national priority.

4. Weaken International Jewish Power

The downfall of Israel would not be the end of international Jewish power, as it would retain its grasp over Western nations.

At the same time, such a scenario would still represent a massive setback to this power structure. Reducing the power of Jews to directly menace the world with the Zionist state’s illegal nuclear arsenal would have unequivocal benefits, especially now that Israeli officials and their Jewish supporters in the West repeatedly threaten to use them. Neutralizing this threat would require a rapid Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc victory that could reach these weapons before they can be launched.

Bringing down the safehouse used for international spying, blackmail and murder operations that are free from prying Gentile eyes could cause an instant shift in world affairs, including within the Jewish stronghold of the United States. The strategy of combining external Israeli influence with domestic Jewish power in the West would suddenly go blind in one eye, leaving the well-oiled machine that rules us weaker than before.

The end of Zionism would not be a panacea, and it will not solve all of the West’s problems, but it has potential to be a major step forward. We should not be acting as the bodyguard of a few million Jews against the entire Muslim ummah, and if our main client is destroyed, we no longer will.