Below are some simple steps to purchasing Bitcoin using Cash App. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are currently the fastest method of paying for your supporterships.

  1. Get a Cashapp account and connect a debit card/bank account.
  2. Go to the supporters page for NJP and select a tier and a duration.
  3. Fill out the information, make sure you also have an account with so you can add your TRS email in the info-form and get your TRS sub included with your membership. Even if you don’t listen to the shows, the NJP Weekly Report is on TRS and is great listening for all NJP supporters.
  4. Make sure to click cryptocurrency instead of the default check/money order selection for payment, and place your order. You will now see a timer counting down, a long BTC address, and a long number that is the amount owed in BTC. Do not close this tab until the entire process is complete.
  5. On the Cashapp “money” tab you will see a box that says Bitcoin. Click that, and buy the amount of BTC that you need. The fees to buy BTC through Cashapp vary, so make sure your “Total bitcoin purchase” on the confirmation screen is enough for the order.
  6. Copy the BTC address from the NJP order page
  7. On the bitcoin section of cashapp, click the send button, enter the owed amount, and paste the BTC address into the “To:” field, and confirm your payment.

Done! Keep the order tab open until it reflects that the money was received and the order is complete. How long this takes varies. You will now have an active NJP Supportership and an ID associated with you, the TRS sub may take a day or two before it’s activated.