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  1. The United States of America will be declared an outpost of Western civilization and a state dedicated to its European-heritage population and their posterity. It will be the policy of the state to set immigration and natal policy that will ensure a permanent European majority. The rights of historic minority populations will be respected.
  2. We demand the extension of the 1964 Civil Rights act to provide equal protections and privileges to the White majority, or the act must be repealed.
  3. We support the nationalization and strategic break ups of banks, mass media, and monopolistic corporations in order to create public accountability and guarantee that they serve the nation first.
  4. We support a two percent ceiling on Jewish employment in vital institutions so that they better represent the ethnic and regional population balance of the country.
  5. We support the sacred rights of free speech, freedom of religion and freedom of association. Political views will not be censored by the state or any large private concerns. It will be illegal for any employer to retaliate against workers for political activism and expression outside the workplace.
  6. We support private property rights, including a program to make home ownership more accessible to stably employed family men. Small businesses and communities will be granted the right to refuse service or home ownership to anyone for any reason they see fit.
  7. We stand firm in defense of the right of law abiding citizens to own firearms.
  8. We demand the FBI, which acts as nothing more than a political secret police force for elite interests, be abolished and replaced with a legitimate federal law enforcement agency.
  9. We demand an end to political contributions and corporate lobbying. Elections must be publicly financed.
  10. The corrupt two party system must be abolished and replaced by a system that offers real representation to racial groups and economic classes.
  11. We oppose America’s ongoing military entanglements and demand the return of all troops to the homeland. We will engage in diplomacy under the doctrine of ”America First” and cease the internationalist project of exporting liberalism.
  12. We will nationalize the defense industry and make war profiteering a criminal act. All able bodied men will be conscripted into national service.
  13. Lobbying on behalf of foreign nations will be banned and classified as espionage. Foreign negotiations will be conducted through official diplomatic channels.
  14. We will declare Israel a rogue state and exporter of terrorism. The national rights of the Palestinian people must be respected.
  15. We will establish a new economic policy that stresses the family wage, full and stable employment, and a strong middle class. We will abolish the income tax on productive work and put this burden on capital and speculative income.
  16. We call for correcting the power imbalance between labor and management through a national labor organization that guarantees employee rights.
  17. We support an industrial plan that brings home capital and manufacturing and invests in our depressed and de-industrialized heartland. We will implement massive public works projects to modernize our crumbling infrastructure.
  18. Usurious and predatory lending practices will be outlawed. All credit will be issued by the state with no middle-man profiteers.
  19. Health care is a right. Health care must be removed from the control of for-profit hospitals and insurance companies and made a public service for all people. Preventative care will be emphasized and physical fitness will be promoted.
  20. We will restore reason, logic and tradition to the education system by implementing a comprehensive classical curriculum. Homosexual, neoliberal, and transgender propaganda will be explicitly banned from being taught to children.
  21. We will establish a Department of Culture that will oversee the creation of art and architecture to enlighten the public through beauty and transcendence. Suburbs and small towns will be revitalized with beautification projects to make them walkable and attractive and to encourage social life.
  22. The state must act as the steward of the environment. Industrial and economic needs will be balanced with quality of life and the preservation of natural beauty. Wildlife will be protected, and we will expand national parks and wilderness areas. Religious slaughter and other inhumane treatment of animals will be banned.
  23. We support strong families. Married women will be paid by the state to care for their children. No fault divorce will be repealed, and homosexual marriage will be banned.
  24. The benefits of automation will be shared among all citizens. Technological advancement will be used to reduce work hours, raise wages, lower the retirement age and increase pensions.
  25. In order to put an end to racial conflict and hate, all people will be entitled to be policed, educated, and judged by individuals of their own race. No longer will any race be exploited for the benefit of another in America.

The National Justice Party Founding Council

Mike Peinovich, Chairman
Tony Hovater, Chief of Staff
Joseph Jordan
Warren Balogh
Alan Balogh